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Base class change event?

Does anyone have any information if we will have a base class change event (Swordman, wizard, cleric, rougue) at any upcoming events?

So far havent heard any but u do have equipment unbound scrolls at Berk’s event shop, that will allow u to switch your main.

Haven’t had an event like that in years.

Even with the massive SFR changes a few months ago, they didn’t allow us to switch base classes. I think it’s unlikely that they’ll allow players to switch base classes again.

Pray so hard that they will add new base class or turn classes into its own tree base class like scout which is very unlikely
Id say base class change was never an event
It’s just limited feature to compensate the new base class scout and classes massive reorganization
For period of time anyone could use this if they left the game pre scout base class
Its very old feature that I dont even know if it’s still available or triggerable

There is Berk event going on where u can buy unbound scrolls for your gears, use that and transfer to other char that u desire, its like base class change, with extra step.

I don’t think gear unbound is what the op talking about neither what he wish for. Bounding gear to character is even something rather new which applied for goddess only while bounding gear to account been exist since day one.

You can make another character (they start at level 450 now), do a reset/unbind with event and transfer the gear over to another one.
You can buy type change tomes with vaivora coins (costs only 20 coins to swap 460 gear).
You can extract 1 million attribute points and make them into scrolls by paying 50k attribute points.

Yes with gears transferred and attributes extracted i dont get why u still need base class change. Like u get to transfer ark, accessorys, armors, weapons thats basically everything u need for a char, the rest are team storagable.

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