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Barbarian Frenzy and 2hand sword Qs

how does frenzy actually work? do i need to spam it as much as possible?
and is there a way to see how much stack i have?
any tips?

i plan to barb>dop> hl or nakmuay
or is nak muay just way weak compared to hl?

and whats the aoe rotation look like

If you follow up frenzy with cyclone you pretty much always end up with max stacks. The amount of stacks shows on the buff icon. Every time one stack is removed there is a VERY noticeable ping sound, so you will know when the buff wears off for sure. It rarely does though, you’d have to go without killing anything for a long time (1 minute?). But like I said, one cyclone and it’s at max again.

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don’t know which one to choose either HL or Nak, since both of them or getting Buffed in the following patches. but for now HL has the advantage, for me at least. but if the new Nak Muay patch comes along, not so sure which one is more better/fun.

Not sure about nak muy, but HL has shock and bleeding that goes well with doppel’s combo skills. HL also has more overheat to spam. Low cooldown of nak muy is good, but since you have quite alot of skills as doppel, you probably won’t have much chance to use nak muy’s skills, so I vote HL.

The frenzy buff works in stacks, and every attack gives you one stack for a max of 20, and one stack decays every 3 seconds. The skill itself has pretty much no cooldown and is easy to maintain, you can see the number of stacks you have on the buff icon. In terms of tips, this skill really boosts your damage and should always be active.

Right now nak is one if the worst swordsman class and is so underwhelming in terms of damage and sp efficiency that it’s a chore just to play it. If you actually need to play the class, then I would suggest using the sprout event to get enough points for a class swap, and then using HL until the buffs, then swap to nak.

Of course, if you like your class and rp > being effective, then go ahead and play nak, it’ll only get better.