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Barbarian Arts Leather : Animal Instinct

so, i just learned the Barb Art Animal Instinct…
what happens if you become “beast type”?
i-compared stats such as hp,crit,def,eva etc. nothing changes.

It only matters for PVP. Theoretically, it should make effects that deal additional damage to Beasts function against you, though I’ve never tested.

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ahhh i see, thank you for the information :smiley:

While equipped with 2500 pieces of [Leather] armor, your race is changed to [Beast-type] and increases maximum Attack

  • Increases maximum Attack by [Transcendence Level of Main Weapon x Arts Level x 25](Increases up to 2500, does not apply when Transcendence.

You wear all leather and you get 1000 up to 2xxx Phys attack.
Lvl 10 the bloody thing if you can

yes the 2500 max dmg part i know. but what i am questioning though is the “race is changed to [Beast-type]”
wanted to know what bonuses can you get in changing ur race to Beast-type.

Nothing it’s just an extra info


It is just a cultural information, it does not change anything in game. Eventhough this information was recently removed in kToS/kTest.

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they should have just written it more clearly. putting in open/close bracket would make you think it gives you beast type bonuses "your race is changed to [Beast-type] and increases maximum Attack ".

they should have just written it like this to avoid confusion.
“you gain beastial strength which increases maximum Attack”
hahah. well its not gonna be a problem anymore, since they gonna remove the “beast” part in later patch

thank you for your clarifications guys. :smiley:

Not sure if it gives Beast type Bonus…
but i thought earlier it was when your a “beast-type” race your A$$ gets kicked by Archer type classes…