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Banned for exploiting?

Hi… i have no clue why…but i cant log in. I have sent a ticket but no answer. Could any of the staff check this please…
Thanks in advance
Server: Silute
Team name: xviv
Character name: furrybone07


Me and my friends are also unable to login, we have already sent a ticket.

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Me and the bankrupt leader of my guild also took the ban and we don’t know why, they didn’t even explain the reason, since yesterday I just logged in to get the keys to the event and left the game

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Me, my friends and the leader of my guild are also unable to login, we have already sent a ticket.

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So nobody gets a real answer why…this is so weird—yesteraday i was playing normal, didnt do anything unusual, and today when i was to log in…boom… permanently banned for an unknown exploit…i just one to know why…this is obvious a big mistake.

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i playing in telsiai sv. we all no one get the gold key yet
possible its time zone bug?

if it could help. one of my friends can’t load the christmas theme and event due to kaspersky blocking some parts of the game. he has to stop his antivirus until getting into the game. maybe it’s same thing?

is BANNED not an error, B A N, the players are banned and IMC dont say nothing about this, just ban and bye

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Any screenshots of what the msg says when you cant log in due to a ban?
Also, I don’t think IMC should say anything publicly if they banned you, only privately through a ticket, and then post the ticket for
Clout maybe?

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Yeah, IMC did a mass ban yesterday. I only hope that all of that are legit bans for botters, rmt, bug abuses, etc

IMC wiped out the account of people in my guild, the reason for the mass ban without explaining the reason, was to ban people who do RMT and some people were accidentally caught by the ban system for having something like RMT accounts, what it might look like I don’t know, but that was the explanation given in my disban ticket

you sure only xviv got banned? how about i,ii,iii, …xvii… meh, lets just say the whole guild lol


The BAN WAVE was because people kept abusing the bug that crashed the channel which allowed an item to be duplicated.
Duped items went into Market and innocent people got their ■■■■ removed.

i see ‘w’ it’s good that they don’t give details on bans so that the cheaters and their associates won’t have anything to use as loopholes.