Balance for Hunter and Falconer


Hi there!

I want to propose some changes due to the unbalanced nerf, precisely to balance them (i will boost and nerf skills trying to be realistic):

First of all, to both types of companions, adapt their movement speed to character’s movement speed.


Make an attribute for It like the falconer’s “hawk eye” attribute but for hunter skills (i propose to call It “beast rage”).

Give to “howling” a taunt effect (taunt 10 objetives) that increase depending on character’s HP (HP less than 70% -> taunt 15 objetives. HP less than 40% -> taunt 20 objetives). Reduce the crítical defense reduction of it from “skill lvl * 4” to “skill lvl * 2,5”.

I think that “Rush dog” Max. Lvl should be reduced from 15 to 10. Moreover, i propose 4 ideas to make it better (because it os really unbalanced):

  1. change it’s cooldown from 10 seconds to 6 seconds, reduce the stun duration from 4 seconds to 1,5 seconds, make It based on character’s AoE attack ratio and increase damage (remmember It has really low damage and 0 overheat…).

  2. Create a new skill like “pre-emptive strike” based on “Rush dog” (anyway, “Rush dog” does the same damage as the new “pre-emptive strike”, without overheat and it has similar hit/usage cooldown…). If you create a new skill to transform “Rush dog” into a new “pre-emptive strike” (i propose to call it “hunt”), i think that “Rush dog” should get boosted on damage, nerfed on cooldown, nerfed on stun duration and based on character’s AoE attack ratio (trying to make It similar to “sonic strike” with more damage and 35s cooldown).

  3. Other option is transform “Rush dog” into a skill similar to “pheasant” (more damage, more cooldown, more targets (but without pheasant’s hit-box)).

Remove the effects of “praise” about increase companion’s crítical rate, damage and accuary (the values are too low… (It is useless)).

Change the effect from “praise” about reduce the damage taken from enemies from -95% to -60% and make it able to reduce the damage from players and bosses -30%. (Remmember that companions have low stats so… This is not that much op, this is necesary, i mean, without this, companions get fainted by one hit from bosses, and i think that -95% damage from normal monsters is unbalanced too).

Put the effects from “hounding” into “praise” (at least the ability to find hiden enemies), remove the skill “hounding” and create a new skill (i propose two ideas):

  1. Beast pill: grants a buff to your companion making It higher, increasing the hit-box from “Rush dog”, “howling”, “growling” and the hiden effect from the proposed “praise”. Moreover, it changes “Rush dog” base AoE attack ratio from “character’s AoE attack ratio” to “character’s AoE attack ratio +10” and fix the taunt effect from the proposed “howling” to 20 targets. Also It changes the stun effect from “Rush dog” to knockdown effect. Duration 15s. Cooldown 45s.

  2. Last hunt: grants a buff with 5 stacks. Your next five companion’s basic-attacks will trigger with character’s basic-attacks, making it run to the opponent dealing additional damage that increase depending on target’s HP (as less HP, more damage) and deals a debuff that makes the enemy unable to be healed. 30s cooldown.


Change the damage from pre-emptive strike’s “Sonic strike” from 25% to 35%.

Change the cooldown of “aiming” from 1 min 15 seconds to 1 min (to make It one more time a permanent buff). You can change it’s cooldown and duration to 45 seconds or 30 seconds to nerf It making this skill more “mana-eater”, but change It to a permanent buff please.

Change the “armor slot” from air-companions (like Falcon) to “weapon slot”.

That’s all.


Think about it please :pray: i want to know your opinions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


They just need give normal buffs and dmg for hunter, i like old hunter more than new.