Balance Build For Magic Oriented Cleric -Rebuild-


Decent Magic Damage With A Strong Survivability ? —> Cleric Go Druid>PD>EXO if you want to create a magic attack focused cleric character.

Actually this build is a balanced build suitable for solo, team and PVP, which is not required for a very costly equipment set. You may have a 30% final dmg boost from lycanthropy in human form, so you are very easily to deal decent magic damage with normal gear set (up to your recent level). Cleric base and PD would give you a strong survivability against most of circumstances, and Exo is a plus as dmg outcome.
In conclusion, this build comes with decent magic dmg dealt and strong survivability, but it is still not comparable to other pure dmg focused builds or classes, because of most of the dmg dealt from that build is continuous dmg, you are not going to nuke or deal tons of dmg in a short second. However, this build is still fun and worth a play. ( I used to solo daily dungeon and CM with this build everyday, just too fun to play daily)

Stats points: Full INT. Survivability is not really a concern to this build, so just focuse on magic attack is fine. Guardian Saint has already boosted healing power a lot, so just ignore SPR but you can still gain SPR from gears.

Gears: INT and magic attack focused. Rod and Shield is a must for this build.


Cleric: Heal 5/5, Guardian Saint 5/5. The rest of 5 pts you may decide by your need.

Druid: Chortasmata 15/15, Seed Bomb 15/15, Lycanthropy 5/5, Henge Stone 1/1, Thorn 9/10

PD: Healing Factor 15/15, Incineration 15/15, Black Death Steam 1/10, Modafinil 15/15, Beak Mask 1/1. The rest of pts are up to your need.

Exorcist: Rubric 15/15, Gregorate 10/10, Katadikazo 5/5. The rest of pts are up to your need.