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Baby Skia assister

how to get it?
i never even saw it as a possibie card when opening assister albums and it s a must have as a sorc.

Either from combine or from one of those p2w boxes with a chance for baby assisters.
You cant get them directly from the albums

i shall destroy 3 legs to have a tiny chance for baby skia?
this is a horrible mechanic imc.
even our top summoner still uses grim reaper

you can also get combining 2 unique … it will be easier to do after the unique albums come to goddess token shop in the next big update


they are like hidden legendary so just assume it like a goddess tier assister which only worth getting once youve got all unique/legends assister you need just so you can waste them for chance.

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Yes, and 99% of the time you’ll get back one of the legs you sacrificed, meaning you just wasted 2 cards.

I accidentally got mine by combining 3 legendaries.

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