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Awards GTW! (Improvements)

Hello to all saviors!
I’m creating this topic to request changes to Guild Wars Territory content awards. Because they are very disproportionate to the A and B series divisions.
While a guild wins series A and receives 1 billion in city taxes, those who win series B receive a humble Attribute Points award as a consolation, which is not worth the effort or participation, does not cover expenses spent. And that discourages players, there is no incentive to participate in this content.
For larger guilds, it is worth it because they can capture better territories, but for smaller guilds it ends up being demotivating.
I’m also not saying that the prizes must be equal, but the difference in values ​​must be less, because an attribute point doesn’t even reach 1kk of Silver and honestly sucks! You understand what I want to say? Are you seeing this failure as I am?
There are many negative points and bad experience with the game due to this lack of attention.
Another suggestion that I would like to make to improve the competitiveness of guilds and not create a monopoly of a domain only in one territory, to do as it was in the past in the PVP Boruta, places a penalty penalty for guilds that conquer the same territory. Each time she achieves the same, this creates a higher percentage of damage that she will take from enemies, but it also increases the reward for her, if she can keep her territory more and more intact.
It would be a kind of Eco like the Ragnarok game of yesteryear to make Mjolnir, Sleipnir, Megingjard and etc …
Good is my suggestion, because if kept as it is, it will only discourage players from participating in this content.



great ideia

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They should fix the lag first.

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