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Automated Answer for a Ticket

Hello friends, i would like to be help by a GM. I had the following problem:

I tryed to complete a Collection: Sienakal Graveyard

That ask for nine 1 star Red Gems even with the penalty of being not refined. The problem is that i got plenty of 1 star red gems and when i add the items to the collection it tooks my refined 10 star red gems. I submit a ticket and got a copy paste answer that says in many forms that wont help me.

So please someone can help me?

That’s unfortunate, but there’s nothing IMC can do about that because it belong to unrestorable case.

restoreable cases

Unstoreable cases

But you dont undestand is a bug? The collection ask for 1 star Red Gems and it tooks my 10 stars red gems is not my mistake is a malfunction of the client.

No, I understand the issue, but I’m just pointing out about the IMC item-restoration policy. I understand that the system accidentally consume your high level gem instead of level 1. However, the chance of restoring that item / level 10 gem is highly difficult or low because it doesn’t fall in the Restore Range.

^ These are the cases that they’re might/will restore the items.

The item-restoration is still possible depending on how IMC approach this post. I’m just here to provide extra information about item restoration.

You are right @shanochitos i may try to solve the problem that way… i was not thinkin on item restoration since was not my mistake. Now i gonna see how to do that.

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