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Automatch rewards - damage restriction

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Hi guys, if you read the new patch, there is a damage restriction in Automatchs to solve the afk people problems… But this means a problem to some builds that doesnt deal too much damage to reach the restriction and it should be unnecessary…

What i want to propose is to count the increased damage as damage from supports/boosters (example: if an aly deals 500.000 damage and with a buff it increase the damage to 650.000, 150.000 damage will be counted as damage from who put that buff on him/her). Healing should be counted as well. People wont be afk and they will get rewards for sure because the buffs or healing skills. instead of hit, they will support (as they are suppoused to do, focus on support). thats all.

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

Cheers :haha:

keep up the spirit dude

Hello rgdlfgame,

We truly appreciate your enthusiasm for the game by providing us your feedback and suggestions. We will forward your idea to the proper department and rest assured that it will receive a proper attention.

Hey Dear IMC staffs.

Have you guys notice the how the auto que no swap system done more harm than good and completely removed at least a whole class in existence because of it?

Scout is a class that ALWAYS use 3 weapons (Sword Pistol Dagger) for the longest time because of how our class setup works. There’s a reason why a 2nd set of swap weapon exist to corporate such playstyle since 4 years ago. So why now you block people from doing this in your auto que feature?

People who’d intentionally troll in Auto que is minority of the minority because it harms himself too. He wouldn’t be able to hit dm req if he remove all his gears anyway.
However instead, you punish 20% of population who play Scout. WHY?

Don’t bother questioning. I’ve made a post about automatch and it got flagged. It’s just a new system for the whales to get improved rewards because they don’t need scouts to buff them and don’t care about people that can’t match the requirements. If you want to do CM, just use the old method and shout. Your Scout or your Healer will find a spot like before.

why always whining about whales when in reality 99% of the player base just like it cos you can queue comfy in a city and be done in 2 min instead of 5+ and having to shout for party and waiting everyone and so on?

buffer class where already useless before, they were there to improve the Loot Chance for powder/debris, nothing more, no dmg buff was needed, a single no art no accessory pyro with disnay was enough to carry a cm7 (tested it, did it, same for singu) and thats no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay whale tier.

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if healer like (diev - priest - ora) still can play automatch??
i try 2x CM auto match
and 2x DS auto match

never get SILVER…wtf :frowning:

select the buff to do dmg with heal, do dmg.