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Auto Skill Targeting don't work with Sage's Micro Dimension

Server Name: Silute

Team Name: ZoDarko

Character Name: Beatrice

Bug Description :
Using Sage’s Micro Dimension with Auto Skill Targeting On, the skill is casted in front of the character, not in the target. The same don’t happen with others Sage skills.

Steps to reproduce the issue :
1)Turn ON Auto Skill Targeting.
2) Target a monster.
3) Use Micro Dimension.

Pole of Agony too
When press skill too fast
Have to hold it until blue circle show up before release skill
instant cast won’t work

I have the same problem (I auto-target Mastema without trouble but Pole of Agony still ends up on my face unless I go in melee range). Wouldn’t it be that PoA’s range is too small to actually target something? I thought it was the case…