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Auto Like When Looking Other Player Equipment


Sometimes when i want to see equipment from other player then suddenly i “Like” automatic to that player, so that person know who stalking their equipment, now i lazy to open other player character information, please fix that so we can freely looking other player equipment without any notice to them ;D lol


Should post in gameplay bug report, this is clearly a bug :smiley:

Yes, it’s really annoying and been there for a while now…


Reads Post, automatically likes it

On a more serious note, this is clearly a bug I would imagine. If not then maybe something is wrong with your mouse and it sometimes “double clicks” despite you only clicking once, happened to me in the past therefore I am mentioning it.


From my observations, it happens when you check through the party UI. If you happen to right-click the player model in-game instead and go from there, it won’t auto-like.


Exactly that. Inspecting gear from party list will auto-like the character while inspecting from right-clicking the character will not.


That would probably make it a bug and should be moved to the bug section. Should be an easy fix as well if the actions are that clear.


got it, change to bug - game content, hope next maintenance IMC publish this error, lol