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Auto attack cleric - monk/chaplain/zealot (or paladin)

Hello everyone.
I am a new player and I settled on an auto attack cleric. I like the playstyle, so I don’t really care if it is meta or anything, but I have a couple of questions.

  • Should I simply stack strength or would it be better to convert cleric and chaplain attributes to spr to scale last rites and aspergillium?
  • Is hybrid gear available? Strength/Spr/Dex?
  • Do regular auto attacks with a 2h mace always deal physical dmg? Scaling is still a bit foggy to me, and I saw 2h maces also have a magic attack stat.
  • Is aspergillium a holy property attack? Does it scale with int or spr?

Atm I’m maxing double punch, last rites, aspergillium and the aspd buff, but I dont know if I will be able to scale them all decently. Please advise and thank you : )

Hello mate!

So, im not a cleric expert whatsoever, im sure someone can give you a lot more info, but i can help with some things;

-Yes, you’ll be better just stacking STR since you’ll go for a physical build, SPR while nice to have as a Cleric, is most usefull on a healer build, since healing scales with SPR, the base values from Last Rites should be enough

-Hybrid gear is indeed availabe, and pretty common on 2h maces

-Autoattacks will always be physical damage, however, the additional lines of damage you get from buffs like Sacrament and Last Rites is elemental damage, 1h maces and 2h maces have both physical and magic damage because Cleric classes can scale with both, you can see if the skill scales with your physical or magic attack by looking at the tooltip of the skill, just above the skill description it should say (physical) or (magic)

-Aspergillium is indeed a holy property attack, this im sure of, and if im not mistaken, it should scale with your magic attack, the tooltip doesnt indicate this, but since its elemental damage it should scale with your magic attack, regardless, your mace will give you both phys and magic attack so it shouldnt matter too much, but again, im not entirely sure about this one

As i said, im no cleric expert, but i hope this can help you out at least a bit, good luck m8!

For one, I’d suggest taking Inquisitor over your other two third class options. Breaking Wheel being able to spread Double Punch’s damage to all nearby enemies will greatly increase the rate you stack up damage for Chaplain’s Visible Talent. Especially in Challenge Mode, it should be easy to reach the maximum of 3,000,000 Visible Talent damage this way. If you really must take Zealot or Paladin, though, I’d suggest Zealot. Just don’t take Invulnerable; it’s not as great of a skill as it sounds.

Aspergillum is fairly decent for bashing any random enemy that gets in your way in regular maps. The additional damage and speed from Double Punch makes it extra decent. However, Last Rites, which scales with INT and SPR, isn’t even that great on a build that would be more INT and SPR focused. The good news is that it’ll eventually be buffed to scale with STR/INT/SPR/DEX combined, which increases its damage by about 5x, and auto attack Clerics in general will be a bit less lacking in the future.

If you make it decently far into the game, you may be interested in the Nirvana ART for Monk, which lets Energy Blast cover a much greater distance and deal a bit more damage after starting up with Double Punch and getting some crits with either that or your other damaging Monk skills. To get the most out of this with Monk and Chaplain, I’d again recommend taking Inquisitor. Since Energy Blast is a physical attack, it too gets its damage dealt to nearby enemies if it hits Breaking Wheel. A deployed Cappella will also boost its damage by a good amount, considering Energy Blast deals Holy damage as well. Energy Blast becomes a surprisingly good crowd clearing skill if set up properly.

Thanks for the tips, guys. I had no idea breaking wheel worked like that. Il’ll definitely try it out (will probably experiment a lot with the third class).
As for Last Rites scaling with all them stats - that sounds great. Is it something that’s already implemented on the Korean server?

Good Lord, the buffs that just rolled in…

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I just tried this build today (monk/chap/inqui) and it seems like the aspd buff from binatio and double punch don’t stack ? the on hit buffs from chaplain make a big difference in the autoattacks but I don’t feel any dps change with or without binatio

They do stack, but Double Punch has an animation delay cap, meaning once you reach the cap for the animation speed, you won’t have more attack speed gain. To be honest, the attack speed is already capped before reaching the maximum level of Double Punch (it’s already capped at level 10, no idea where it really caps), so it doesn’t make sense currently to have Binatio at all if you skilled Double Punch.

This will change in about 2 months when you get additional damage per level of of Binatio, meaning you’ll do several thousands of damage per line of additional damage on basic attacks.