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Auto-attack and Ark Punishment

The description says triggers when attacking.
Does it also apply to auto attack, such as like SR Limacon?
Or it only trigger from skills?

I know for SR Ark Swift has the highest dps but I want to make an Ark that can be used on all my physical toons.
Most of my other toons benefit from Divine Punishment the most.

Storm seems nice too but the damage seems kind of low.

you answer your question by yourself in the title.

That’s why I’m asking do Auto attack even trigger Divine Punishment…

It does, but at abysmally low rate and totally not worth the effort.

I don’t get it.
It says the proc rate is 30%, but what does it actually means?
It only proc on high sfr skills despite stating 30%?

Do storm/ thunder proc at fixed rate regardless of your sfr?

Storm works better with AA or use Ark-Thunder (maybe…). If you unsure, just go inside uniform feud to test each of these ark.

The proc chance percentage that you see on Arks do not mean you will have that exact percent chance for the Ark to proc on every hit you do. Although the Ark may say “Max.Activate Chance: 15%, 17%, 30%”, what that actually means is that based on what skill you use to try and proc the ark, the max chance it will proc will vary from 0%-15%/17%/30%. The exact formula is unknown to me on how the proc chance is fully calculated, but it is based on the SFR of the attack/hit used. Higher SFR attacks gives you the ability to hit that “15%/17%/30% Max.Activate Chance”.

This is balanced in a way that although lower SFR skills don’t have high chances to proc, they hit more often/frequently, giving you more chances to activate the proc of that Ark, compared to higher SFR skills.

If you want to:

  • Increase your AA (Auto Attack) damage = Swift Ark (mainly AA classes)
  • Increase your AoE (Area of Effect) damage = Storm Ark (Any damage class)
  • Increase your Single Target damage = Thunder Ark (if you have low SFR skills (mainly DOT based classes)
  • Increase your Single Target damage = Punishment Ark (if you have high SFR skills (mainly high damage skill classes)

Side note: AA is considered a skill in the category of Basic Attack. So in essence any of the Arks mentioned above can work for AA builds, but the results will vary based on the build/situation.

Hope this helps you and future players in deciding your Ark choice.

Edited for more clarity


What’s considered high skill damage? Just for the record. Like if a skill sfr including arts is 4-6k% is that high sfr? Or has to be over 15k% sfr

try it your self, some class like mergen that have many low sfr but fast multi hit skill , divine retribution is much better because they have many damage buff that make low SFR become big number , i think thunder/strom ark is for magical class

When I say high damage skill classes, I mean classes that regularly hit 4-10m hits with there skills, this can be subjective though. This is because Punishment Ark basically takes a percentage of the damage that the attack or skills does and hits the enemy with it. Similar to Ataka set effect from Varna armor. This is why it is more useful for high hitting classes, most commonly classes with high sfr, not to mention its proc rate.

This is also another case where Punishment Ark is good for a character.
But this is only because Archer right now has stupid multipliers that make their damage absurd, with the right class combinations.