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Attributes and Reset events


Hello, I think it would be a good idea to make learning attributes instant during reset events such as the one we’re having right now. These don’t happen very often and it really sucks to not have a token active during it, rendering the event almost useless for anything other than resetting. Attributes aren’t “perks”, they’re required for builds to function at a meaningful level.

Thanks for your time.


I agree.

They missed that point


or you buy 100 TP and don’t have to worry about that…


It’s bad form to expect people, especially returning players to sink cash to get a meaningful experience out of an event meant to give everyone, and I quote, “one final chance to play around with TOS’ current class system burden-free.


I agree, some attributes have enormous wait time, this reset event I was testing the Duplicate attribute for sage but 33 hours is too lengthy for just some tests


True. For a returning player like me, im only planning to buy a token for the rebuild patch so atm im not learning any attributes on my reset characters. I just play them as it is.