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Attribute to turn on/off the animations of the Thaumaturge

I’m pretty sure that i’m not the only one who hates the “Swell” animations from Thaumaturge, but still love the buffs. With animations i don’t mean the casting, i mean the fact that your character’s hands and head turn big.

The idea is to create an attribute for each of the 3 skills ( Swell Left Arm - Swell Right Arm - Swell Brain), that allows to turn on/off the “Swell” animation of the determined skill.

Sorry if i wrote something wrong, my english isn’t good.


you mean the casting animation?

I think the OP means the fact that your character’s hands and head turn big.

yeah that creeps me out sometimes lol

I used to hate the visual effects too, but now I made a thauma myself I got used to it. BUT an atribute would be an amazing thing, sometimes it is too creepy

A setting would be more useful because this way you only have control over your character and still be able to see other’s effects imo.

I like the thauma buffs but I also support more options for those who don’t.

Yep, the cast is a normal thing, the problem is the creepy increase in the size of the arms n head.

Some people find it cute though… that’s why the turn on/off option

I second this. Maybe it should be listed in option menu rather than attribute, like pied flute, as some love it, and some hate it.