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Attribute/arts priority

Hello. Friendly question here. What’s the attribute/arts priority list for lancer/dragoon/barb with a focus on pve? Thanks!

just grab art that adds more effect/uniqueness to skill/class first in case its good for pve
and after that enhance upgrade for your strongest dps skill
spend more time reading the available arts effect will help

Usually i will advise aiming for all lvl 60 attributes,then aim for 80 on the prioritized skills

Prioritized skills includes your primary buffs such as Gung Ho & Fenzy
Next, focus on the skills that have a higher value over the others.

Barbarian: Seism, Pouncing
Dragoon: Dethrone, Dragon Fall, Dragontooth
lancer: Gigante Marcha, Quintain

Once you got 80 on these skills, make the others lvl 70/80 as well. You can go for max attributes on the Prioritized skills listed above

IMO the only ART passive worthy in your build is the Beast Mastery from Barbarian, however it will cost a lot in resources since it has a total of 10 levels.

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