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[Attendance] Golden Anvil

The golden anvil that i got from today have the same description as ruby anvil. I would assume this is typo and not accurate right?

I think it’s ruby
2020-11-12 09_54_23-Window

It’s a translation error. The item is a Golden Anvil and functions like all other Golden Anvils. I verified this issue myself by checking the localization files.

The correct description:

[Attendance] Golden Anvil
Can only be used on equipment with 0 Potential. The equipment won’t be destroyed upon failure. When you fail at an enhance level of +12 or higher, it will reduce to +10. Right-click to use.
Item will be deleted upon the announced date.


now we wait for “WTF GOLDEN ANVIL BROKE MY +15 TO +10” :rofl:

touchwood we dont see any of these.

Haha actually. I tried testing myself, ended up with a +16 haha

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