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+ attack against medium VS elite/swelled

does it still work? red line attack against medium vs elite/swelled enemies which theoritically become Large sized?

using monsterframes addon, elites are still determined as medium size, but i believe elites have higher def than normal ones, hence the lower damage.qqq


against swelled enemy i think it doesnt work, but i’m not sure because bow min-max attack gap is wide.
Using that monsterframe addon, if you swell enemy, will the addon show update from M to L?

maybe @crevox can enlighten us too?

Afaik elites are considered the size of the base mob so if a medium mob spawns as elite it will always be treated as medium except of course that it can’t be swelled.

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Elite monsters are always L in size. An S or M monster becomes L. All the addon does is read the monster data from the files based on its classname, which means it can only read the innate properties of the monster; it won’t dynamically adjust based on buffs and/or the environment.

You can see a similar phenomenon in Weekly Boss Raid, as the addon will always display the enemies as default, rather than their weekly race/property/etc.


does red stats attack against large size target very good for elites?
i heard challenge:split singularity consist of elite and boss only

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