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Ataka questions

Hi guys. Just wanted to know a couple of things about Ataka set effect

  1. does it proc Frieno and vice versa?

  2. proc by both AA and skills?

  3. if single target, do you essentially give him all the damage when Ataka procs?

  4. is there a significant difference of lv1 boruta seal vs lv3 boruta seal (set effect upgrade)?

  5. ataka proc new arks and vice versa? Iirc new arcs can crit

Thank you everyone for your answers

  1. No and No, Ataka does not applies any % chance but however it is affected by Add. Damage.
  2. Proc-d by any Critical Hits.
  3. On a single target, that target will take full damage. E.g. Deals 10m, ataka hits 10m. However this damage is split among number of targets. if there are 2 targets, each recieves 5m and so on.
  4. x2 ataka damage but still limited by 10m dmg cap. Hence, if you deal 5m, ataka will deal 10m with lv3 seal.

but isnt there 1 sec CD of ataka, so if you deal 10M dmg per second within 5 second, only the 1st-3rd-5th second will proc ataka right?

Yes and that, Ataka will strictly go into 1 second cooldown after proc-ing. Don’t even think about switching equip set cause ataka will not proc when there are other sets in cd.

if you are saying 10m per seconds for 5 seconds, 5 of them will get Ataka, because each tick also has 1 seconds interval that the Ataka goes into cd… Provided the time frame is that strict accurate by imc standards of code.

hey i got question too,
does ataka without dragon strength lv 1 better than smugis?
or smugis still better in this case?

Not-so-subtle bump, cos I’d like to know too

ataka if you want stable dps output. while smugis are for burst. And if you already easy enough to reach dmg cap without smugis, ataka is your new friend :smiley:

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Added quetion re new arks…

how about true multihit AOE attack like flame ground?
does ataka triggered on all flame ground attack?
or only the first hit to all enemy?
or only the first hit to first enemy?

On the first hit on one enemy. Take it as each truehit counts as the instance of Ataka will copy. Proced on one enemy, but damage is split among the number of enemy.

If you are wondering, basically its bad for mergens because of the downfall and the other fast hitting low SFR skill. if Ataka is consumed by those, the effectiveness is very low.

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True mergens dont level sprinkle or downfall exactly because Ataka is bad with these skills. All the other skills are quite strong per hit or fake multihits, and mergen takes very good advantage of Ataka with them.

iirc all mergen skills are true multihit, the crit is separatable every hit of mergen skills

Im almost certain that both spread shot and triple arrow are fake multis (triple with the multihit attribute)

damn im about to switch to ataka but now they buff the min dmg and the duration as well. hmm
also does ataka good when 1v1?

Ataka is bad when pvp because of the range i suppose.

well, actually, smugis is better for pvp, due instant increase dmg (with or without critical). Also, we always start the fight with 100%-80% hp player, so 240% dmg increase is really explosive XD.

meanwile ataka need boruta seal lvl 3 to catch up with smugis for bursting purpose. but for longer fight, ataka still win (kinda)