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Assister Dungeon Lv 30

Hello all,

Any tips on how to clear assister dungeon lvl 30? Been trying and failing for a while, appreciate any tips you might have, thanks,

i use 1 dps (tantalizer lv2), 1 semitankDPS (succubus), 2 healer (mandara lv 2 and organ lv 3), move around the dps and healer to lose aggro

1 Tantalizer 1 Prodded Horse 2 Healers, can be asiomage, organ, escarot, etc.

Ideally you want them all around lv390 to beat stage 40 (max lv), but as previous poster said you need to shuffle them around a bit occasionally to make some waves last longer with only a couple mobs up to buy your healers extra time to get their mass heals off before next wave starts.

i only successfully finish up to stage 39 with 400ish assisters namely:
succubus, organ, escarot and froster lord (main dps). froster lord dies kinda fast and i often get timed-out at stage 40 with not enough dps to finish the final boss.

i’d like to take up the suggested team combos here though it would take some time as leveling them is a pain in the ass.

what’s the reason behind tantalizer lv 2? i already read about mandara, but doesn’t their damage and hp (survavibility) suffer if they are just lv 2 and not lv 3?

Tantalizer lvl2 is the minimum for it to be extremely strong, might be the strongest assister actually. It’s 2-star skill has large aoe, high damage and low cooldown. The 3-star skill is very strong too.

Mandara at 3-star gets an extremely bad skill that not only does low damage, but also locks it in position for many seconds. So the extra hp you get from being 3-star ends up wasted by Mandara taking a lot of damage when using the new skill.

I’d advise not to use any Devil-types, as they have low hp. Also Escarot is one of the worst healers, mainly due to its 2-star skill being a dash.

My first stage 40 clear was 2-star Tantalizer, 2-star Prodded Horse, 2-star Mandara, 3-star Organ, all around ~lvl400. When clearing stages 30-40, I kite my pets around to help with survivability. (Only using the “A” key to move all at once, I never move assitors individually).

Tantalizers survival become pretty good at 3star. And the new aoe skill is good too.
Highly recommend maxing him.

Stars and Levels help a lot.
Can easy afk all stages with 420+ Tanta,Succu,Horse,Organ, all 3star
(succu was 1star when i started, 2star now)