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Assister combo for physical DPS

as you can see above, there is no beast orange card.
So, is 2x lv3 blue beast give more STR than 2x lv1 legend beast combo?

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Its going to vary based on what bonus’s you need and what cards you have access to.

For example as a pistol scout I run; Boruta / Misrus / Rafene / Naktis.

This provides me with +pistol damage, +str, +dex, +accuracy, -47% damage taken in normal fields which I use for Boruta, and provides me with +7% damage in all raids.

iirc some SR at youtube shows his assister combo
lv1 misrus+ lv 2 skiaclipse= +220is STR

i was firelord succubus torment mirtis
+bow dmg
+all stat 14
+AAR 3
+dmg at CM

but seems not worth the investment

1* misrus lv 449 + 2* skia lv 449= STR + 57