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Assassin PVE Farming Build

Hi everyone!

I’m back on TOS after 3 years without playing and I see how the game has grown!

I would love to play kind of Assassin Dagger build for PVE Farming so I checked what could be the best for me but I must say that I did not find so much answers on the web with build simulator.
May I ask you some advices about it?

Do you also think that there is a nice Assassin build for both PVE/PvP?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Wish you a nice game! :wink:

Well, generally people who pick Scout for farming prefer Bullet Marker or SR + Thauma + X class (pick one classe that will have a good AoE or make your skills stronger).
But since you want to farm with an assassin, >>> I <<< would go for Assassin - Outlaw - Linker, but I need to say that you will lose the mobility of a SR and the buffs from Thauma.
Corsair is also a good class, but in this case >>> I <<< think linker will be the best option.
I’ve never tested ardigo or rangda to be honest. Maybe they end up being a good combination for your character. But again, >>> I <<< would recommend the build that I passed.

If you don’t know anything about skills, >>> I <<< suggest:

NOTES: I AM NOT A SCOUT USER AND I PLAY 100% FORFUN. It’s how I’d build my own char. So feel free to search more combinations, builds and how they connect.

Thanks a lot for your advice Timothy!

My problem is that I would love to be able PvE & PvP with one character but I think I need to choose :laughing:

I will check the skills for both builds Bullet Marker - Thauma - X class and Assassin - Outlaw - Linker
Now that you say it, playing with daggers won’t be nice for AoE so maybe I will change for pistols :ok_hand:

Thanks again!! :+1:

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You can go with Assassin/Corsair/Linker as a new player, because you won’t have ARTS(special skill attribute), so Linker is a must for doing lvl 420+ maps, Corsair and Assassin have a nice skill set with mobility and synergy buffs, and fun to play.

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Thanks a lot Serena!

I saw some videos of Assassin/Corsair and I like it!!! :+1: :grin:
Only 4 characters slots so I need to choose the good combination

More or less. You earn points by doing tasks in-game so don’t worry about changing your class in the future. Also you have the episodes rewards that give class change vouchers.
That’s why I said you can pick whatever class you want. Just try it and have fun :smiley: