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Assasin/Shinobi/Enchanter Skill Build

Hey guys,

Im kinda new to the game and was wandering what skill build is the best for the class combo above, because it seems that I cannot max all skills. What are the best ones to max?
Im a PvE only player btw.

ProtoSlayer <3

just don’t play shinobi, even if you want just have fun with this class, you will not have fun in anyway. I have velco t10+16 and i really wanted to try/play shino, max attri everywhere. It’s rly rly rly rly bad. Even for pve. Just don’t play shino. And you need to make an hard quest (if you don’t buy a voucher) as if it was rewarding to make this quest, you end with this s.h.i.t class (same for nak muai)

enchanter is good for some precise purpose (buff AA in pve, or hit scouts with amazing acc buff in pvp). The block buff is “bad” (you need to be close to block cap to make the block buff rly efficient). it doesn’t fit to assa…but you can still have some benefit (enchant gloves, over reinforce and the additional hit on instant acceleration with agility buff) so why not.

if you keep enchanter-assa. You can add corsair which will provide amazing damage buff on assa (brutality) + more dps skill for your rotation. Also don’t forget dagger builds is rly rly rly bad for pve. the future new class Arditi will help to play pve with dagger, so take it when it will be release (in one week or two until now). Also Linker is amazing in pve

if you want to keep dagger playstyle with assa, try assa-linker-arditi, it might work well

or you can make a classical farmer build thauma-linker-any class, which is great (the best) if you only play pve

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Ok lol didnt know that: thought that combo is pretty good :frowning: Ty for your comment

Shino is cool dude. The outfit is cool and it changes running animation which is also cool
there is a patch coming with buffs for the class (maybe next month? idk)
Damage sucks but who cares? Don’t let people ruin the game for you
Mokuton no Jutsu: lvl 1
Bunshin no Jutsu: max
Raiton: max
Mijin: max
Katon: max
Kunai: leftovers

Enchant Lightning: max
Lightning Hands: max
Over-Reinforce: max
Enchant Earth: max
Agility: lvl 1 or more
Enchant Glove: lvl 1 or more (the crit attribute here is very good but leveling the skill up only increases accuracy)

Annihilation: max
Instant Acceleration: max
Piercing Heart: lvl 1
Behead: max
Hasisas: leftovers
Hallucination Smoke: lvl 0 or 1 (i don’t use this)


this. Do what makes you happiest. Not what a meta thinker says. Form your own opinion with Shino and reset if you don’t like it.


come on, this free agressivity for nothing as always, “meta thinker” did you read what i wrote? Is there any meta things in it? i don’t think enchanter is good for meta but i still gave argue to keep it (and sorry but max enchant gloves can be a good idea cause accuracy is good in high lvl map even in pve; let the two lightning skills lvl 8). I agree shino sprint animation is fun as hell, that’s the reason why i tried it. But what hyprocrisy to encourage a new player playing shino. ,You guys did you ever try to roam on maps with this class? i did, with full attri; and it’s not fun at all, it doesn’t even fit to the class name, do you rly feel you “nin nin” by playing this so clunky class?! It’s disappointing, skills are boring, and comboing with clones is buggy/clunky. But yes keep an eye on the future buff. And if you rly rly rly want to play shino, if you find the fun in it, just play it; i agree with this, the fun first; depends what’s fun for you

nin nin

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I played Shino before, tho. . .Lol. I had fun with it. Did a few runs and everything. It’s in a abd palce but not terrible if built properly (admittedly, it gets carried by other classes)


Assasin/Shinobi/Enchanter is my main character :stuck_out_tongue:
Not even close to meta, but i like it. Assassin is pretty good on it’s own and Instant Acceleration have great synergy with Agility.
I don’t use shino skills very often, it’s mostly assassin + auto attack. I find enchanter very decent for PVE tho. I use Shino for bursting damage on boss fights.

I don’t like PVP, but sometimes i go in with my guild and i can get some kills on my own. Mokuton no Jutsu + Instant Acceleration is pretty OP on 1vs1 fights.

Edit: My equips are not try hard feat.1000 hours grinding but it is decent. All 380 primus leather +5, asio dagger +8 trans 5, crit rate hair accessories , 1 nuale + 1 zaura… stats invested in CON. I kill mobs pretty fast in CM, lvl dungeon, etc.