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Aspergilium scale not working

Any ETA until this is fixed?

its been like that for 15days already.
I’ve given up on it already.

just give up, and try another class lol

All I can say that one bug that I reported took almost 2 months to fix. I hope tho this one has a bigger priority but who knows…

As I said before if you have enough points to change to something else and later back then do it…

I just dropped it and went to play other classes meanwhile.

I switched Chaplain to a sub char now so I can test if the skill works again while I use Plague Doctor to speed up my gem farming.

No wonder Chaplain is the least-played Cleric Class, IMC doesn’t even care enough about it to solve a simple bug that messes up the skill scaling let alone give it a decent rework.
Not that the additional attack on Binatio and the new Capella attribute are bad additions, but the class is still clunky with its skill durations all over the place and Last Rites scaling is only useful for improving the skill duration, which is artificially low to make spending points here even an option.
Might as well bring the skill down to 1 level or 5 levels with 30 minutes duration from the first level.

But no,can’t happen, Aspergillum isn’t even allowed to work properly because there is nearly none playing the class, which gives me the same vibes as how they needed 3 years to fix the Merkabah aura effect and cared little since none played Kabbalist anymore when they continually nerfed it.

I would like to remind about this bug

Not a known issue it seems.

or they just dont care about this class… ded class lol

Bumping this topic up. Is Aspergillum still bugged?

still bugged, just tested, basic attack dealt 645 damage, Aspergillum lvl 15 540 dmg… (matk is only 300 below patk and Aspergillum supposedly has 620% SFR)

Edit: I did the calculation, the expected damage for this specific case (2374 magic attack vs Rhodedoe, 2383 magic defense) would be 4420 damage.
To reach the damage applied, the real skill factor of Aspergillum lvl 15 would have to be 75%

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Thank you very much for the update, @ThefallenDemonlord
May you get your kingdom back and ascend as Demon Lord. Maybe become a new World Boss for us too.


I uploaded a ticket, amazed by the answer heh

Greetings Savior,

Thank you for contacting us. 

Please be informed that the Aspergillum skill does provide a buff that increases attack damage, it only makes hits double. 

However, we will still forward your concern to the proper department for review to develop possible changes or improvements regarding the matter.

If there is anything else, please contact us again.


Tree of Savior Support Team

I guess Chaplain is kill. Is it working in ktos? Maybe that patch will fix it.

Here’s a video of chaplain from march with aspergilium working, double punch dealing 25kx2 and aspergilium dealing 30k-31k after each basic attack like it should.
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Def not working like that here.
Not aspergillium, not double punch

lol… whoever wrote that have no idea… XD This is sad and ridiculous… I guess there is a misunderstanding in what you wrote maybe but even then it should be a KNOWN bug…so idk…it’s weird anyway…

I rly hope tho that the ticket I sent in was rly “forwarded to the the RIGHT department” lol…because I got a better response back then…I think…

Also according to that other bug that I reported and got fixed quite later…they still have the next few weeks to fix it… XD So I kinda hope yours was a misunderstanding… and the fix is coming soon. It’s still quite disappointing tho…

I even sent them a video I recorded replicating the bug.

I rly don’t know what to think then…

I remember back then we had this bug where your minions got stucked with paladin ( that skill got deleted since then ) and they kept saying it is intended when I’m sure it was a bug in the ai of the mobs…

Their responses are rly wierd from the beginning from time to time…

Let’s hope the next big patch will miraculously fix it… if nothing else…

I think I know why they answer like that. The iTOS team certainly does not know how to fix stuff by themselves and/or cannot do so, which is why they have to forward concerns they deem as legit bugs.

I’ve actually researched the bug reports of this year of the Korean server, and there was not a single mention of said bug, which is probably why they cannot fix it and/or feign ignorance on the issue.

Now what is strange is how they cannot fix it, as the issue should be easy to research. After all, there is the skill Lightning Hands, which works exactly like Aspergillum, and as far as I know, Lightning Hands is not affected by this bug, meaning it doesn’t have to do with the skill- and/or attack mechanics, but rather the skill properties of Aspergillum.

Reroll to blossom = GG, no more problems with Aspergilium

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