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Asking about FF14 or game that similar to this game

as everyone know, this game is very very very good on creating the content that make everyone can enjoy game together. i cant find anygame that btr than this
but every party must come to the end, due the change on farming field, upgrading on the content and high-lv end game

for ex. the Karaliene accessories, which we need the arch stone. in order to make the violet stone for the kalaliene material
we need these item for fight for ranking (everything in game) but the material is too hard to obtain
as for me. i believe plainly farm 15-20m per day is kinda hardcore. i need 3month to reach 1billion silver to make one ark, my hard work 3month gone in 5min. yet i still need 2billion more to complete the end game set (due the material cant be obtain from hardcore farm). 9moth for make end game gear. then the btr gear release. idk how long i have to hard core farm like this for watching my equipment waste like my first regard horn staff.
item in market price keep jump up more and more until my farming lv cant catch up. so i thinking this maybe my first and last complete review about this game


and about the topic one. i would like to know about FF14 is

  • is this game is monthly airtime? if yes then how much it cost? and total cost?
  • this game hard to farm?
  • does it need rmt for end game content?

or theres any game that system is similar with this game but more stabilized? just like if party member dc in middle of raid then they can rejoin
or at least have good community open world but less bot


ps. please dont delete my post. its alrdy in off topic and theres no any sarcasm in it

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genshin impact? Similar in term of anime-ish graphic


i alr test there. the game graphic and combat is good. no lag no disconnect issue
but is not like open world. we need to enter to other ppl world. so it need outside community application :sad: good for ppl which got friend group to play
(also the team lineup need to keep change for each raid. character from wish is abit hard to obtain)

ty for recommend

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FF14 is a great RPGMMO and a breath of fresh air when it comes to quality of life in comparison.
It won’t take you long to get to endgame and the story over multiple expansions is great. The community is friendly and you have a lot more freedom in what you want to play when it comes to jobs(classes); the differences between jobs is negligible at best unless you are doing super hardcore extreme raids for titles, so you can play whatever you enjoy.

They even have IMC as a raid boss in the story

As for your questions:

  • no rmt required for anything, endgame gear is always available as you trade in dungeon and raid obtained currency to get the stuff you need and upgrade
  • sub is monthly, same as WOW, iir its $~10 to 15
    Depending on your country or region
  • game isn’t hard to farm because everyone is always farming for the same goal and doing the same dungeons/raids out on the current patch

Try the free trial and see from there


Not like ToS is more open world. Most of the time you are in CM, Uphill Defense, DCP, Singu, Weekly Boss Raid, Sole Hunt, etc.

agreed. but as for me not really join much public group so will be hard to find new friend or party there
(but i try party raid once. can say it very good)

ps. i alr quit after waste 130wish for klee