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(Arts) Rubric: Corruption bug?

Hello! I am relatively new in the game and I play exorcist > crusader > druid build. I learned the (arts) Rubric: Corruption to decrease the damage of the enimies. The maximum level of the arts is at level 10 but I can’t seem to level it up to more than level 1 even if I have a lot of attribution points. I need help from my co-exorcist players because I am not sure if this is a bug or I need to do a hidden quest before leveling the arts up. Thanks in advance!

You need another Rubric: Corruption ART Tome for additional level. Meaning you need total of 50 BG and 20 tome page to hit lv10 (and of course 3k attribute pts per level too).

Wow that’s a lot of BG… Thank you so much for your help!

wait until you have to be grinding 100 BG for the-last-700-magic-attack

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