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Arts/Attributes for Physical Link and Lifeline skills

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I want to propose to create 2 Arts/Attributes to make “Physical Link” and “Lifeline” skills still usefull when a player is playing alone with Linker in the build class.

Both skills becomes useless if you are not in party and i think that it needs a rework or
an art/attribute to solve this disadvantage
that make it have 2 literally “useless skills” when its played alone.

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

Cheers :haha:

I do believe Lifeline works when you’re playing solo, just without any link.
Physical link however might benefit from having a solo version. Not that anybody has space for linker in their build these days… haha.
c_wizard_linker :+1:

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:hi: :hi: :haha: @Fenatte

It’s true!! (about lifeline) hahaha i checked it this morning (i didnt know it, i thought it had not changes).

But as you said too, physical link continue without having a “solo efect”.

It could be something like a damage reduction for the next “x” number of hits, where “x” is the number of the maximum “links” of the current level of the skill (just an idea).

Ty for your contribution!! :haha: