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[ARTS] Attributes and how it works

Hi guys, sorry for the bad English. I have a question. I deflated the necromancer, and the skeletons mages have an attribute - an supporter labeled ARTS. But in the attributes themselves there is generally no way to pump skeletons mages. What is it, how to take it, and how does it work?: 0 Thanks for the answers!

An ART it’s like a super attribute. You can get them by bringing mystic tome pages and blessed gems or 1 Unidentified Mystic Tome Page to your base class master. With these items you will get a mystic tome for the skill you want, interacting with the mystic tome will ask if you want to spend attribute points(36k for the skills I tried) to unlock the ART.
You can get mystic tome pages in the market, I don’t know where they drop or you can claim a free Unidentified Mystic Tome Page (with a voucher covering the attribute cost) as reward for EP10 quests.
After unlocking it works like any other attribute except you can’t reset them, changing class or using attribute reset potion won’t give the tome nor the attributes back.


thx! :sparkling_heart:

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hello why my option for craft mystic tome isnt unlock, only option for dismantle mystic tome.

am i missing something