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Are these good stuffs discontinued? gems
i guess since rank 8 or 7, you guys dont seem to release monster gem that much or for some class even none. say like zealot doesnt even have a monster gem. is this feature discontinued? cause i found this feature is interesting because the open field hunting is alive and we can also get power up for our favorite skill. if its gem sprite that is the bother then i actually dont mind if you guys using a same design for all gem.

2.regular monster card
nowadays only boss monster from raid that got card.boss like nebulas, raid sidekicks like prodded horses, dalvhones(or whoever his name is.its side boss in fantasy library the alchemist one),new boss on maven 32 etc they dont have a card. meanwhile there are still good effects to add on game. rod and fishing pond.
i saw image of carrot or flamingo rod.but when will it come?you can include this in gacha and release more rod. also i only know there are only 2 pond.why… and why only 2 fish exist? i mean lets see at luna online fishing, there are like 5-6 fish with rarity that you can collect to trade for some good stuff like costume or gears with good stats. you can also cook the fish for food buff and the better the fish the better the buff.

4.badge mission/heathran(?)
noone ever do it except for a teleport to saalus convent. i like how you revamp uphill. so this one deserve it too.make a legendary accesories for badge mission.and since this accesories remark is there is stat reduction why not go with pros/cons too for this new accesories. like str+80 con-50.and the set effect is actually a curse effect even with 2 items lol.

5.card battle
sad this feature can actually copy ff8 triple triad(and maybe the value too lol) and add some improvement perhaps.

6.mercenary post mission & level dungeon
you can actually reflect on another game said ro mobile board mission. its rewarding. you can gift people with raid stone,portal scroll,material like sapphire mithril etc.and the final reward could be a blessed gem for completing all 10 mission.honestly dont make this mission too hard,make the monster requirement low since some monsters also low in population,sometimes we need to walk far and we do most content solo now. also change the missions like each 30 level maybe.
about dungeon, its so sad to see newcomer shout for low level dungeon.expecting for a full party or even like 1-2 more people to come. this dungeon can become their first interpertration that tos is lacking players.we got mercenary post guys. why dont you make some mercenary npc to hire for what npcs do in outter wall 14 helping killing mobs. maybe add the “mercenary recruitment scroll” as mercenary post mission reward instead we pay with silver cause you werent that rich at level 50 and also introduce mercenary more early or same level as dungeon introduction which is at lvl 50.

i like playing music just like i did in ff xiv.but tos gamut(?) is limited.add more so i can play more song.

8.treasure hunting.
whether its treasure box or buried in missed it.

9.special costume skill effect changes
i bought cleric and zealot master costume long ago.sadly they dont have any change effect at all.well cleric had it at first, but they change heal so it lost its change effect.please make all previous special class costume that doesnt have any to have skill change effect or gimmick. add it to my poor zealot special costume.also compensate cleric master costume heal change effect.and so many other special class costume with the same fate. and add more special class costume too cause we have our own bias class.

this is actually a praise that tos had good features. yet also a sad truth that some feature feels like neglected (or its in the last list of prioritization).i know you guys working on a lot(i hope) for another feature like personal housing and endless rebalancing. but i hope you guys can still slip this in your task



or you can copy ff9 tetra master :haha:

Also, Special Class costume are discontinued.
They changed old C3 costumes to “Class Special Costume” but did not released new costume, so we have a few classes with special costumes that can change skill effect and a bunch of new and old classes that may never receive it.

edit: The newer classes have special costumes obtained by quests and tbh they have multiple options including a TP one, but it is not the same thing because changing skill effects isn’t included.

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