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Are Scout trees too OP?

Scout trees are too OP in PvE and PvP now.
I think ICM should nerf Scout Trees or buff other classes


I agreed, I need a bigger buff on Summoner Class to be usefull on PVP

How is OP?

DPS? maybe not
Survivability? maybe in PvP
Support? I don’t think so

At least in my server scout are OK, but not the best in anything.

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PvP as in GvG ? Cause yes TBL scout is quite strong, but I don’t think it’s the same in GvG. Scout for me is just a strong 1v1 class cause invisibility and iframe. In the end gear matters more in pvp.

if you want OP.
look at Mergen on Archer. that is 100 times more broken


Wow scouts have been waiting to be viable for idk, a year and a half? I was bulletmarker in the beginning of the pandemic and it was â– â– â– â– , now they finally have a bit of fire power (not too much power by any means), then you would suggest them to be NERFED and buff whatever class you like. Get gud kid

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Scouts are OP at stealing classes, and OP at looking cool, but definitely not OP in damages.
We should still nerf them though screw scouts :^)


Buff mergen fletcher, other class pls nerf them. No need to dps, just be support. Thnx

Scout is a fun class…but its far from OP. In PVP sure they can one-shot you, but in large scale gvg, theyre useless.
If you gonna complain about a class tree being OP, you might want to look on wizard(pyro in particular) first…that class is sitting as no.1 meta since rebuild. And also IMC’s beloved Archer class, whos receiving all the buffs since 2020(from major bow updates, OP orbital vv, and now huge xbow buff)

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by archer you mean bow-crossbow, since I know bunch of salty Musket and Canon user cursing the Mergen build everyday.

oy kanon and muskek are good and fun to play…its just look trash if compared to xbow and filthy orbital users :smiley:

i never say it not good, it just that bow is stupidly op, especially when you go from ep 12 where game decide everyone should participate in DPS race that give everything bloated SFR to JSR and ep 13 meta where everything require multiple purple stats which bow and crossbow build happen to have.

Xbow is the top now… other bow can go trash themselves. K bye.