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Ardito Builds Help Plz!


I need help on how to make this guy. I would like to know which class you combine with this grenadier. Where to place the status points (STR, DEX)?. AA builds or Burst Buidl (Which do you recommend more?)?.


Ardito-corsair-assassin (or linker).
I prefer CON, or do full DEX if you have high crit rate.
Don’t do AA build. Skill builds are generally better (or so in my case, very VERY bad ping).

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i personally just made artito into my Linker Thauma farmer.

[Scout > Ardito > Linker > Thaumaturge]

Damage felt acceptable- had no problem downing Swell links. Grenades seemed to mesh perfectly with links and hangmans .

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This is my build.

Ass > Ardito > Rogue

Grenade is nice filter skill after main rotation from assassin. Backstab 10s stun is OP for stun lock boss or mobs. Then you can land molotov easily full hits.

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Yea, i can agree with you on this; Ardito is a more available alternative to shinobi for Assassin rogue setups. Tho if you can go shinobi- Shinobi will just absolutely crush ardito in damage output.

Assassin is too strong to give up for ardito, and Rogue on its own is a bossing powerhouse, and theres no reason to Triple down on AOE by dropping rogue for ardito.

Ardito is really just a “i dont know what else to pick” Job. IMO if they fix recupero to recover 5% of HP/Stamina Per level, and then gave it a “Adrenaline” trait that increases crit or something it would be much more desirable.

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