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Ardito/Assassin build

So i’ve read a few posts that put ardito and assassin together but the 3rd class is always different choices and I’m super indecisive I was kind of leaning toward outlaw as my 3rd class but don’t really have any idea if that would work since I don’t really see any posts about ardito/assassin/outlaw so like can anyone tell me if that would be a good choice or suggest a “better” option I guess please (^’:

If you’re doing ardito already go for clown! And in that way you can just aim for channelling armor ichors

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yep clown-ardito using dahlia seems a strong build together with assassin which is a staple class for every non-mounted build.

But me personally, i used to have and ardito outlaw assassin. Its cool, got lots of AoE. But i feel like outlaw lacks something. only strong skill is rampage.

ooo thank you both for the suggestion, im def gonna try it out, but just another quick question I was watching a few build videos surrounding outlaw and saw outlaw>rangda>assassin and outlaw>assassin>corsair and now im a bit interested in both but since that videos were from quite a few months ago im not sure if they would still possibly be viable?

IMO outlaw is just a fun class and more on PvP oriented for its Massive AoE skill “rampage” and almost unhittable kits (Bully buff evasion, and some attribute that can dodge)

rangda Assassin is a DoT focused build, And I personally not a fan like DoT build since its really a slow dps. You need to wait for the DoT to finish to actually see the full damage, when other classes can just press 1 button and see the enemy hp getting chunked. Only good in long fights or hit and run strategy.

Corsair’s only good skill is Brutality. It is better paired with more active classes like shinobi or pistol classes.

Im no scout expert and tbh, scout is the worst class for me. But if I rank all the builds pop in this thread so far, it would be:

  1. Assassin - Ardito - Clown (Best option)
  2. Assassin - Ardito - Outlaw
  3. Assassin - Rangda - Outlaw
  4. Assassin - Corsair - Outlaw

Also you can check this link
you can get some idea there for combinations.

TIP: test it all first then judge it yourself. everything is viable when geared properly

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I’m doing Shinobi Clown Assassin atm.
It has really good burst :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t the slightest idea how to unlock shinobi but I really wanna try that class))):

either buy Shinobi Unlock Voucher in market or do hidden quest.

though this is a bit outdated. but i think only 1 quest item has changed.

updated map.

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