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Arditi Question

Arditi hasn’t been released in iTOS yet so I’m trying to prepare a new Scout for its release. I love the concept of using grenades, so I can’t wait to make one.

How would one build a Scout with Arditi for general PvE purposes? I was considering Assassin/Linker/Arditi but then I started doubting Linker in place of Enchanter. I’ve never played a Scout so I was wondering if anyone could share any ideas and explanations for skill combos?

Please and thanks!

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I don’t plan to main arditi but I want to make one anyways, I was thinking maybe Rogue is good option because the best skill from Arditi is the molotov, with the Rogue Lacrymator the mob don’t do nothing so you can use Lacry+molotov in a Pack of mobs and they die easy.
Linker is always good but to me is very boring, the same with enchanter, I like more active skill than alot of buff.

The heal from Arditi is really bad, is worse than the NPC potion because of the CD and no heal overtime, in all vids I was watching no one put a point on it.

The 2 daggers skills looks good, decent damage, one have low CD with knockdown/back enemies and the other have more overheads.

The Basic granada knockdown the enemies so I think is good combo with molotov.
The problem with granada and molotov is that you can’t aim them like Lacrymator, always comes in front of you at the same distance.
And the PvP problem, cryos as always, Granada and molotov count as Melee hit so if you hit a cryo with shield you can be freeze, IMC logic…

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Oh I saw this video,it’s more pvp content,I think OP wanted PVE.

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It seems decent in pve and bossing as well with all the unlimited AAR damage and knockdowns.