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Archstone usage priority

Since the addition of Luciferi accessories, is it now still better to go for Ark first or 2 Luciferi Bracelets ?

My main build is channeling Kino-Onmyo-Rune for reference. I want to ask also in case if I have a Barb-Dop-BB as main dps character.

I’d go Ark first but in my build Pelt-Rode-Murm Ark is something like 20-25% of my DPS.
When you start making accessories though I’d go Bracelet first to get your Luci proc sooner.

ark is the biggest increase imo, 1 luciferi boost isn’t that big, you need a necklace or 2 bracelets and even then it’s not that great.

i prefer ark, because:

  • it doesnt have durability, ergo you dont need to repair it
  • you dont need to anvil it to +16
  • you dont need to extract it to ichor
  • usable for other class tree too
  • doesnt get affected by future class rebalance

if you count arch frag as well its goddess/demon armor first
cause they only require 4 frags and they can provide your build dmg boost.cheapest usage of archstone.
after that arks, and the last is accessory

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I’m still dreaming of making an ark… I’ve got one arch stone from months ago, a couple frags and that’s it. Doing weeklies, putting some money in the lottery, but one drops like every 3-4 months. At this rate I’ll get it after the game closes or in the afterlife…

Stop dreaming and start striving. IMC give you weekly:
1x7 free CM quota = 7M silver
2x7 + 30 CM voucher 1day = 44M
1x7 + 7 DS voucher 1day = 28M
Meaning you got weekly income of 79M silver at the very least, which makes you can afford to buy arch stone frag from market.

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well, all of that will be wasted since this:

for late game stuffs, the poors can’t have fun i guess


1 year ago is the first Kara moringH patch, until now im still no kara, fck rng,

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For me… this to be an easy choice it should be like 30% cheaper (Fedimian)… You get a lot of useful stuff from goddess grace and still can get frag too… “Unfortunately” goddess grace is not a total waste.

If you want to be sure to get it tho then yeah it’s better to buy it maybe… I had pretty bad rolls lately with briky boxes… xD

One frag is over 80 mil in Fedi market, at this price it’s better to spend in the lottery, not only you’ll get the frag, but magic stones, practoniums, sandras, mystic pages, shards and whatever lucky red boxes the RNG will give you…

that is raw silver , beside that you get about 1k5 nucle powder, 500 sierra powder and stuff for CM , so 100m+ is more accurate . do full weekly raid and clear dungeon give you alot good stuff .
so i can say you can get about 200m+ for do normal content only .

This may come across as baby rage or laziness to people that have maybe took the time to farm all their CM and DS everyday since they became 1day limited but…


  • Its mind-numbingly garbage, uninteresting content that hasn’t changed or been updated gameplay wise since its inception (only exception being the devs seem to have acknowledged how bad it was and shortend it and added a global que cuz, that’s all they care to do).

  • you gotta farm that everyday + the 30 extra if you are planning to be efficient because now it turns out you lose $ if you dont, which wasn’t the case b4 but IMC :man_shrugging: I guess, having fun isn’t included for f2p games in their minds.

  • You are beholden to the actual player market for character progression. At any point the frag you see on the market for a “reasonable (:joy:)” price can just be gone the next day while you are farming, with the next listing being x2 to x10 the first price because there’s no restrictions or limits and in the minds of someone selling a highly sought after item that isn’t pure vanity, it will sell for whatever they put it for regardless and it does so the incentive to price gouge is always looming.

  • let’s say you passed the previous points, and you’ve farmed raw silver for 3 weeks on and off netting around 100mill (if you are thinking how only 100mill?, you clearly dont contribute to society) . You see no listings on the market or the one that is listed is a joke, so you decide to try the lotto. You throw everything at it and get everything BUT an arkstone or a frag. Congrats you’ve wasted 3 weeks with nothing to show for it :grinning:.

The “grind” for an Arkstone is byfar the worst offensive thing this game has to offer- especially
now when content is starting to actually be gated if you dont have it or equipment requiring frags, and why TOS will always be at the bottom of the barrel in terms of mmorpg standards.

The actual real way to get one is to whale on the cube that has one included.


Bold of you to assume you’ll get a fragment with 79m in the lotto :kek:


@alex.dragoncm Still better than only dreaming making an ARK in the afterlife

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Hahaha… good point :smiley:
I should make a try once just for the lolz and see what I get with 80 mil in one go (assuming it’s possible to put 800 offerings in 10 minutes with the automatic system).

Ok for fun I spent 80 mil in tonight’s lottery and here’s the result of 800 rolls:

  • 2 brikynite boxes
  • 1 anvil box
  • 17 magic stones
  • 16 practoniums
  • 7 mystic pages
  • 18 sandra boxes
  • 183 AP coupons
  • 182 potion boxes
  • 191 blessed shards
  • 183 enhancement coupons

Result: 3/800 tier 2, 58/800 tier 3, 739/800 tier 4.

So it seems you roughly need to spend an average of 25-30 mil to get a rank 2 item which has a 1/4 chance to be an archstone fragment, putting it at a 1/100-120 mil chance to get one. Now I don’t know if it’s worth it using the lottery anymore… :confused:


For me I stopped with the big gamble and went the 2m per Grace rolls … luckily I got 2 arch frags from 2m rolls XDD

Don’t skip grace gamble, you never know when you’ll get lucky …

Before I spend 90m per grace, if i have bad rolls I’'d probably get 60m worth of junks to resell … if on a good roll i even profit ( if i sell the arch frags ) 120m - 160m … I just keepgambling back and forth and sell the loots 100k/1m cheaper than market …

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same here I usually spent half of my earning from JSR into goddess grace lotto (so around 2-4m each run). I have gotten couple of arch frag from there (ngl I’m quite lucky with that) and even if I don’t, half of the roll still bring back some money (except potion box and ap)

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