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Archstone usage priority

Since the addition of Luciferi accessories, is it now still better to go for Ark first or 2 Luciferi Bracelets ?

My main build is channeling Kino-Onmyo-Rune for reference. I want to ask also in case if I have a Barb-Dop-BB as main dps character.

I’d go Ark first but in my build Pelt-Rode-Murm Ark is something like 20-25% of my DPS.
When you start making accessories though I’d go Bracelet first to get your Luci proc sooner.

ark is the biggest increase imo, 1 luciferi boost isn’t that big, you need a necklace or 2 bracelets and even then it’s not that great.

i prefer ark, because:

  • it doesnt have durability, ergo you dont need to repair it
  • you dont need to anvil it to +16
  • you dont need to extract it to ichor
  • usable for other class tree too
  • doesnt get affected by future class rebalance

if you count arch frag as well its goddess/demon armor first
cause they only require 4 frags and they can provide your build dmg boost.cheapest usage of archstone.
after that arks, and the last is accessory

I’m still dreaming of making an ark… I’ve got one arch stone from months ago, a couple frags and that’s it. Doing weeklies, putting some money in the lottery, but one drops like every 3-4 months. At this rate I’ll get it after the game closes or in the afterlife…