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Archbad Bangle -- why so much hate on Wizards?


Here’s something I cannot understand…

You’re a level 170 magic-oriented character. You have scummed Spring Light Woods forever (note: since a couple patches ago, there are way more mobs on the map so it’s actually faster) to get two Wizard Bracelets from the Shardstatues at 0.15% drop rate and you’re very happy, because now you can equip this:

Effects: 106 mdef, 64 matk, 180 sp. Not bad for a level 170 char.

Now you have leveled your char to 220 and you’re looking for upgrades to your Wizard Bracelets. So the obvious choice is to turn them into Archmage Bangles (you’d like to get Mejstra Bracelets, but you wouldn’t have the silver to buy them from market or the patience to scum for 140 – yes one ****ing hundred and forty — Ominous Fragments). You have bought two really expensive recipes from the market because at level 220 you’re not high level enough to do Saalus where you can get the recipe… at probably 0.01% chance drop from the reward cubes. Now you need to get the mats… You already have the two Wizard Bracelets, and 4 Terraniums are really easy to get. All you need now are 16 Brown Tini horns… at 0.23% drop chance. Yeah, that’s almost 7000 Tinis you have to kill there…

Finally you have crafted your two Archmage Bangles and you are exhausted by all the effort. And you look at what you got:

Effects: 148 mdef, 80 matk, 58 critical matk, -112 SP recovery.

WAT? :heeey:

At this point, the +42 mdef and +16 matk start to be really marginal increases, as your armor pieces are probably over 500 mdef each and your weapon over 2000 matk. And the 58 critical matk is nothing. But 112 LESS SP recovery… that’s probably HALF your SP recovery lost there! If this could be ok before when you could get 1000 SP recovery with SPR, this is clearly NOT fine now.

You can’t sanely put so much effort into an item that is this bad… so we need to find a solution here. Keep in mind, we didn’t go the Mejstra route, which would have given us this:

Effects: 148 mdef, 74 matk, +10 SP recovery

Same mdef, matk a bit lower, small increase in SP recovery. This should definitely have been the stats on the Archmage Bangle, but we can’t really buff the Mejstra Bracelet instead because we have Lynnki Sit and Akro Galia bracelets for the next tier and they’re not that much better.

So we would have to think about an intermediate solution for the Archmage Bangle. Clearly the SP recovery penalty has to go, but what to do about the rest? Lower matk a bit? Yeah we keep the small crit matk bonus and it should work:

Level 220, MDEF 74, MATK 35, CMATK 29

Effects: 148 mdef, 70 matk, 58 crit matk. Better than Wizard Bracelets, bit worse than Mejstra. This should definitely work and reward the investment put on crafting them.


ehk… it could be worst… try farming for battle bracelet and let your tears roll down your cheeks hahaha!


wizards aren’t the only ones with bad items lol there are quite a few other items that are just as silly


archmage bangle recipe is not expensive at all. Msg me I can give you 3 for free. Or you can buy it from market for less than 200k. Nobody farms the bloody brown Tini horn we got it from fishing. The real problem is there is no good mage Bracelets but it’s pretty much equivalent as Sissle. You can buy it around 8m.

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I think this is just a case of the game’s mechanics/combat/etc being reworked, but the items staying the same. Back when archamage bangles used to be top-tier for wizards, the -112 Sp recovery wasnt a big deal. But I do agree that the Sp rec penalty should be removed.

And speaking of bracelets, rework the Hethran badge rewards. Not only do they have -Sp recovery, but also -Con. And on top of that, they are not very easy to get. Which means its just forgotten content at this point.:tired:

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You need Archmage Bangles to create Akro Galia Bangles. If you want to remove the SP recovery penalty, simply upgrade them.

Upgrading them to Akro Galia removes the SP recovery penalty and increases the Magic Critical Attack.

My personal opinion is that these are not worth crafting in the current state of the game unless you are running out of things to upgrade on your character. They require a fair time/money investment and 40 Magic Attack is insignificant thanks to constant changes to attack stat scaling. Our attack numbers are inflated much higher than before and +40 is not useful relative to what you can get from other equipment and weapons, and the Magic Critical Attack is significantly worse than the Magic Amplification stat it used to have. The only real way to make use of that Magic Critical Attack is through use of debuffs that lower critical resistance or Critical Rate equipment, which for Wizards, is mainly accessories (and thus you won’t be using these or will be using something better).

If you want accessories at the moment, use the free quest ones until you can get end game equipment, or wait until the level 420 update, where we know we are getting new accessory options.

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wiz is full nerfed, come back later to cry when ur 390 fullset :haha:

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You forgot to mention that the chain doesn’t end there.

From level 380 onwards you can further upgrade from your Akro Galia Bangle to Drakonas Lynnki Sit Bracelet, which boosts your INT & SPR instead of a flat matk-/magic crit stat.

All in all, it makes sense to continuously upgrade your gear.

@draconis don’t forget that the brown tini horns can be fished with rainbow worms,too, so daily fishing makes sense and helps with getting your items earlier.

Btw, drop chance of Archmage Bangle recipe is probably between 3% and 5% from Saalus cube, I’ve gotten so many of them now and they never ever sell on the market for a reasonable price.


Of course you will upgrade your accessories as your character levels up (I’ve already got Akro Galia Bangles and started to farm mats/recipes to go up to Drakonas Lynnki Sit). Just stating that the Archmage Bangle for level 220-269 is really bad compared to Wizard Bracelet (170-219) and Akro Galia Bangle (270+).


Don’t bother about accessories till LV 330 at all.


So you buy the recipe without reading the effect? Then proceed to collect all the ingredients?

Are you stupid or trying to make a cool story, bro?

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