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Arcanum Brewing not work?

I bought a recipe for relics, when I try to add a reagent and use the game, the game gives an error

Try another , use neutralizer , no addons …

@staff Can you please answer about my questions ? Wasted 2 Formula and not want do it again .

Hello savior!

Sorry for inconvenience.
We will check it ASAP :slight_smile:
Please wait for the update.

Thank you !

Hello savior!

Thank you for reporting the issue.
We have verified the issue, but there is no matter.
So we would like to ask you verify the integrity.
If the matter persists after it, please submit a ticket with details (ex. video) for investigation.

Thank you !

Followed your advice, but everything remained as it was. Video ? for 3 actions ? 1.Select the reagent > 2.Right click on it (it fits in the slot) > 3.Click “Start Combining” and see its again

@staff Tried as well, game doesnt let me progress with the added materials.
IGN: Charis
Server: Fedimian

same bug

Greetings, saviors

Sorry for inconvenience.
We are aware of the issue and trying to fix it!
So please wait for the update.