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Arbor day emergency meeting

arbor day held between april 13th and may 25th, total 42 days.
Each day we get 1000 sprout and 600 growth point
total 42000 sprout and 25200 growth, but this 25200 only need 10k to open rank S shop, rest of them coverted to sprout. So we will have 42000+15200= 67200 sprout max… will that be enough to claim all of the reward?

Not sure they need to give you enough for everything. Many of the items have existed in other events and can’t be used/claimed twice anyway. Aside from that a lot of it isn’t particularly useful or worth for the price of the item.

S Tier - These were both available in at least one previous event

  • Gesture : Pose Beyond Imagination
  • Carrot Fishing Rod

A Tier - These are so worthless as to not worth buying

  • Pamoka Solution EXP 2x Voucher

C Tier - Everything in this tier is garbage (exception of attribute points and maybe the repair kits)

  • Lv15 Basic Condensed HP Potion
  • Lv15 Basic Condensed SP Potion
  • Urgent Repair Kit
  • Goddess Sculpture
  • Miracle Seeds
  • Hunting Ground Accessory Selection Box
  • [Arbor Day] Attribute Points 500
  • Assister Card Album : Select
  • 440.LV Unique Enchant Jewel
  • Artisan Magnifier
  • Mysterious Magnifier
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You can’t even have half of it… if you mean all the shops. You rly have to pick what you want this time…
What I hate is that idk how the popo ballooon looks or the sprout shirt is the usual arbor day one that we already have or not…

Thanks! You confirmed my suspicion. Need to prioritize which one i should buy first

its like last year arbor shirt but with inverted white above green color, and longer.

thanks to my guildies dion

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unique enchant jewel isn’t really that bad imo

Nothing really great here to buy later … maybe

  • Armor/Wweapon trans for my alt healer
  • Attribute Points
  • Enchant Jewels seems okay but I never got lucky with this …
  • Drakonas … is it tradable? market?
  • Balloon is always welcome :3

Edit: Cant sell to market sad …

The Balloon is the green one from Arbor Day … saw some peeps already have this …


I looked quickly at what I will buy, and clearly you can’t buy everything. You want to clear shop S for roughly half of that (32500 for everything but the repeats – rod and gesture), and everything else in the lower shops are expensive af (the AP in shop C are 100 x 100, so would already require 10k sprouts to get).

regarding that Attribute point, i think the best one is 1000 AP voucher, gain most with the least cost.