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April 2: end of the world?

What I want to know is how you guys are gonna do once Apr 2 hits…
Everything here is pretty much tied up to one Google+ account: website, forums, support, event rewards sent by mail… Once this goes down, will we have to switch to Facebook?


Oh, ffs! They should bring back the login via steam as it used to be.

never using facebook. nope. fk that trash.


It’s nice that Google+ is going down, but it’s “strange” to see IMC has yet to offer a real alternative.

Maybe we can log in with GAB or Minds accounts?

Someone who doesn’t steal our data.

I don’t want to create a Facebook account, Zuckerbergs enterprise will just exploit every inch and word of data I give them. Facebook is only for globalist leftists and/or for people with an IQ of <80,
a platform to showcase the abyss of the human mind.

Well, it’s not as if support tickets on urgent matters like server lag or client problems will be worked on immediately (if ever),though, so it might make no difference if there’s no way left to send a support ticket…

Probably reflect on how April 1st is before the second and how i loathe the stupidity of such a day that allows the lowest common denominator in society shine.