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Appraser Flower Collection Quest

Hello, dear ToS developers,

I would like to let you know that the flower quests for the Appraiser Class are unnecessarily hard, especially Weynd/Gydstis flowers that respawn randomly and super rarely.
I understand that Hidden Classes suppose to be hard, however, I think the Appraiser one is difficult and a waste of time (it requires too much time and most people don’t even find the flowers).

Could you please make it easier or change this of the quest, please?

non of the “hidden” Quests are hard…

they are super long time wasters and super boring…

IIRC, “hard” was a rogue class advancement quest 2 years ago, where you had to kill world boss solo (in an instancce): Abomination that reflects damage back if you dont pay attention to his buffs.

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same can be said for other classes too…

before it used to be a challenge, now with this advancement quest…

the most challenging thing is not falling asleep :pensive:

Not same. Other classes had their bosses’ stats adjusted if they had to kill one. Only rogues had to kill an actual world boss with full amount of stats and HP, that process took on average 45min to an hour of active “boss killing” with a chance of you killing yourself should your concentration fade.

What I am trying to say, I cannot even tell whether I can see these flowers and whether I need to do something to commence the flower gathering process.