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Appraiser Quest Revamp

I really think Devs IMC should revamp the Appraiser Hidden Quest, its so dumb to wait for a couple of days just to finish a quest, Revamp how or when will the flowers will appear, especially the 2nd one, this is the most boring quest ive ever do in all the games i played, this doesnt feel like a quest. This is just frustrating.


Most of the hidden quests are dumb.

If you think appraiser quest is hard already, take a look at nak muay

I don’t really understand why they have to do this, yes it’s more frustrating than rewarding. I’d rather have simpler class quests over this. Not too easy, not too furstrating.

i had same problem with u i wait for it 6 hours and recheck every 5 min from yesterday but no sign that the flower will respawn

The day before I saw the Driekple Flower, but when I watered it, I came up with the error message, and then the flower disappeared, and now, I waited two days, about 20 hours a day, both channels, but still do not see the flower