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Appraiser quest BUG!(Driekple Flower didnt respawn)

To IMC Dev

 I have look for this flower for 2 days already(4 - 6 hours in each day and recheck every 5 - 6 min) but it doesn't seem like the flower will respawn.Fix it please thank you.
these are some pictures that i cap from game for an evidence(just a little bit of pic) 

There shouldn’t be any problems with the flower, but please feel free to leave your information (server, team name, etc) and I’ll have the QA team double check to set your mind at ease.

I did the appraiser’s quest yesterday, it’s fine, just hard to do.

Edit: the respwan time is 4 hour, and you can’t leave the channel with 0 people cause it will reset the time.

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I was watering the flower for an hour and never got it then it suddenly disappeared… do I have to wait 3 hours again for it to spawn and redo all that one hour work to get it now?