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Anyone playing catagoon now in Re:build?

started fooling around with a peltasta variant of cata-goon. I think it’s okay, feels a bit nerfed since dragoon sucks now and is a huge sp drain and not many synergies except for the obvious such as all/most skills can be used while mounted and 1h spear/shield can be used for all/most skills and with the defense buffs you have a lot of defense.

i guess the pro(s) would probably be that dethrone even though nerfed like crazy still has that range, and still feels like a skill that can actually land in PvP. also rush is nerfed like crazy so maybe IMC thought that catagoon was too strongk before so pretty much every single aspect of it was nerfed.

I had cata, lancer and pelta, but yesterday i swap pelta for dragoon. And i’m a bit disappointed in Serpentine.
Especially in this line:
“Applies critical to enemies affected by immobility or reduced movement speed debuffs.”

yeah serpentine was a confusing desc, ‘immobility’ just doesn’t work… only slow which the sw class doesn’t have much of (that rodelero skill and dethroned bosses only)

Wait, so if i use dethrone and then serpentine on bosses, serpentine will have guaranteed crit?

yes, because dethrone can slow the boss. That and montano for regular mobs

It’s really weird, because even korean description says about immobility…

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It is buggy I think, do you guys even know what Fear debuff does? I’ve been using Dragon Fear just for the +3 aoe and not the debuff. Those two skills including Gae Bolg and Dragoon Helmet suck

Fear increases damage from Soar. I use them as combo. :smiley:

Does dethrone’s trap increase damage for serpentine?

Why would it? Serpentine should 100% crit under Dethrone effect, but as Spaceneko said it doesn’t works on usual mobs. I’ll test it today on some bosses.

Does that combo work on bosses? ie. does the fear debuff affect bosses?

Im currently playing cata-goon-lancer. I took dragoon for the helmet (because it looks awesome) , unfortunately can’t use it due to huge sp consumptions. In my opinion the best skill from dragoon class is dragontooth and dragon soar, it solved my farming problem due to low aar of lancers skills and PVP wise dethrone is very useful, it locks down enemies so I can use my rhongomiant/crush + quint combo.

Agreed, helmet sucks and dragon tooth, dragon soar, and dethrone the only good skills from dragoon.

Fudge, i totally forget to reply to u. Serpentine 100% crits on bosses under Dethrone and Fear can be applies to bosses too.

It’s just disappointing how low the damage is even with the debuffs from dragon fear and serpentine. Dethrone is still a cool skill though even though it does low damage. Still find it kind of hard to believe swordsman has such a long range skill.

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No reason to anymore, Cataphract used to be a really good class because Trot was so good and it had tons of CC.

Without Trot, all it has is the CC. Trot is absolutely disgusting, being a 10 second duration and 30 second CD. It would have been better if they just kept it’s up time 100% but lowered the amount, which actually I think the amount is still lowered in PvP.

The class never offered anything of value to PvE, now it’s ■■■■ in PvP.

On top of that Dragoon did get it’s own nerfs and has gone to being one of the worst Swordsman, SP is not a weakness you can afford to have as a Swordsman in Rebuild.

Have you not tried cata? Trot has full uptime, the description is bugged.

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Ya, catagoon is weak now but trot still has 100% uptime. Anyways I don’t play competitively now but I find this build to be okay in PvE so far…(not max level yet).

In PvP? I haven’t played it but yes I read it, 10 seconds in PvP is garbage, if it’s still 30 then it’s not that bad, still has CC.

Hoplite-Cata-Dragoon can be big. It has crit buff, AoE, 100% def ignore and… sp problems :smile:
What do you guys think?