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Anyone got chaplain arts?

Ok ok guys, the class sucks, i know. Anyway, i’m playing chaplain because …just because. Anyone already got courage to test chaplain arts? how about the damage? On paper, look a big pile of ***. What can you tell me?

Many thanks

Good luck pioneer.

It is what it looks like… XD I think we got the short end of the stick with this update for now… The art sucks and we didn’t get an SFR increase on aspergillum.

It seems like a pvp art btw but I don’t think it is worth it for that either… like…other parts of the class should be good too to consider it…

Also that little neglectable damage it gives doesn’t even add to sacrament what makes it even more “funnier”…

I still main a chaplain tho and hope I’ll see the light again someday lol.

That’s sad. I really dont understand why IMC do stuff like this.