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Anyone completed quest "Victims' Request" Carlyle Mausoleum

After recent patch, this quest pop up in the list. Went over to Carlyle Mausoleum and Believer Gintas’ Spirit was not there to start the quest. Am I missing something? Thought it was a bug so I submitted a ticket but the support team said to start a discussion here as it was not.


Funny I was going to go check that quest out today xD

hope I can find it when I do…

Yes. At certain preset intervals, the current idea is 2PM and 9PM as being potential ones, the spirit will appear on the eastern section of the map.

The spirit is just a small beam of light so be careful to watch.

When he spawns you must be on the map. You can’t teleport or log in, you must be there when he spawns or you will be unable to see him. He only stays for 10± minutes or so before disappearing til his next appearance.


ugh! another quest with specific timing…

hate em like the pillar D:

always a pain to do for what they give

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This gives you a piece for a mystical cube so a little waiting is worth it. :wink:

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2PM and 9PM are server time???

Lv.320 and I still haven’t gotten the time to complete that stupid pillar quest in Galeed.

Now we have two of these compulsory lv.290 practonium quests. Would’ve been ok to do just one of them but Flower Branch (for that other quest) is nowhere to be found these days.


the worst part is that if one is using the quest add-on they stay there forever :pensive:

my OCD is trigger every time I hit F5 :persevere:

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i manage to complete the quest for the pillar but the wait time was super long … like 5 hours sitting in that map. i supose im gonna camp the map today to se if it appear. i get you guys know the time it appear (even if is usually random spawned)

hello . im back. i just close the game afther sitting in the Carlyle Mausoleum ch 1 for 6 hours Straigh- for 12:30 to 18:30 (server time) and nothing appears… so maibe.,… there is some other “trigger” more than time…
im gona try coming here with a fresh character to make all the quests from scratch… if someone achieves this quest , please, take a screenshot and come to tell us. see u later

Here ya go @Gexian @pepubinhmuc95 @hj_jon

Guys today i login… my character was just there in the mausuleom since the last time i stay here and the spirit was just there. i compelte the quest!!!
the server time was 9:59
was pretty easy , send u to pick a book in the zone just to the rigth and them deliver it to the Inquisidor class master in manahas. here i have the screenshot:

Rip people who can’t log in that time period >_>

I arrived at 08:53 pm server time, now its 09:09 and nothing happened >.<