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Any tips on what build I should go for, for a solo cleric?


I already have a full support cleric for parties, I want to try the other cleric advances where I can solo challenges and/or dungeons, having decent damage and sustainability. Are there any tips you guys can provide or possibly, what do you think I should go for here?

I was thinking of some of these options

Inquisitor > Paladin > Oracle

Oracle > Zealot > Inquisitor

Paladin > Inquisitor > Zealot


Anything with Zealot and Inquisitor is good.

Oracle > SelfSupport to your DPS builds.

Paladin > Just More DPS.

Krivis > Inquisitor > Zealot —> Top Build DPS in my opinion, but with the cost of dangerous situations.

Oracle at least you have more support, magic defense.

well, its my opinion. Read other’s people opinion too.
Take care.


I’m doing Inq>Zealot>Exo

Everyone say it’s horrible due to stat distribution, lack of survival and piano play style.

But I feel good, and that’s all that matter.

Anyways, if you want to solo content, I would recommend Inq>Zea>Oracle or Paladin as third class. Oracle if you want a lazy experience. Pal if you want to feel like god. But both have insane damage and synergy.


Imo, Druid+Plague (Exo-Oracle-Diev-Kriv) Whichever you please… Is good.

Druid poison+incinerate is fun and since you’re playing solo, healing factor is enough to keep you ALWAYS alive. That’s my personal recommendation. The third class can be a dps or a hybrid supp.


2 red class and PD


Druid-PD-exorc: magic solo build. Exorc is your main dps, druid has lycanthropy, and PD has mask and healing factor! Healing factor is INSANE! My personal favorite.

Krivis-oracle-zealot: physical solo build. Zealot + oracle is obvious. They are meant to go together imo. Krivis has melstis, and zaibas combos well with blind faith (but blind faith isn’t as strong as it used to be). Get electra necklace for this build.


Too tired to check if anyone’s already suggested it, but I think Chaplain/Exorcist/Inquisitor is a good build for dealing damage as a cleric. Not exactly the best self-heals, but Exo and Chaplain should give you enough SPR to have a decent healing stat.

There’s quite a few things you can bop regular mobs with in this build, such as the ever reliable God Smash and Rubric. You also have Breaking Wheel + Visible Talent and Cappella + Judgment + Rubric to really tear into stronger enemies.

On the defensive side, you have… almost nothing. With only your basic cleric support skills and Engkrateia to help keep you alive, you can’t always afford to take risks that classes like Plague Doctor and Priest can. On the plus side, Chaplain has some pretty reliable super armor, so you can at least ignore a knockback or knockdown that would have gotten you in trouble.


Is it possible to get a good Druid PD build? New player here >.<


I still cannot open… I think druid-PD-(whatever dps class) is a good choice in general. Lycanthrophy increases overall damage, PD increases survivability and resistance to statuses. Throw in a dps class (I prefer exorcist, but I think inquisitor would be OK too), and you have an all-around build.


I like Chaplain, Druid for AA Lycanthropy combo. Add a Zealot for third class would boots your damage crazily. Or go Zealot>Chaplain>Druid because you need a bit of self-sustain healing for end game content. PD is not a bad choice as well so you won’t get CC while AA.


i vote for pd-exo-xxx. exo for damage, pd for movement buff/anti debuff/support. 3rd class is a personal preference, oracle/druid/priest are popular 3rd classes but others may be viable as well.