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Any Tips on building for druid pvp?

I want to know what build is good for pvp on druid while using its transformation.

Hi Savior,

Hope this simulator can help you decide for your build -

You mean Lycanthropy or Transform? Lycanthropy can be viable with the right build. Transform, on the other hand, got nerfed pretty hard a while back. No one uses it anymore, sadly.

the one that transform into a wolf Lycanthopy

The meta for Druid is something like Sadhu -> Exorcist -> Druid.

Lycanthropy is a little deceiving. The full wolf mode can do solid damage but the duration is short (1 minute if you max out the associated attribute) and the SP drain makes it hard to keep running. Everybody uses demi-wolf (The humanoid form) because it doesn’t drain SP and it lets you use your other skills while it’s active.

Unfortunately, running full Lycanthropy isn’t anywhere near as good as it was back in the glory days.

Dammit I was trying to make it into a auto attack user just in its transformation. Gah! WHY THIS GAME DO ME LIKE THIS!. Think it will work on the humanoid form? Cuz I don’t care about meta I do care about my own playstyle but I don’t want my SP to just get suck up the moment I transform. So I will not be using the full transformation. (sorry if i spell it wrong) You think Druid, Champlain and uhh Sadhu/Exocist/Paladin/priest will be good? Looking for a survivability type auto attacker. If not thats cool.

I feel your pain. I played full Lycan for a long time and loved it. I guess IMC thought it was too strong or something because they nerfed it into irrelevance over the course of several patches. For some reason, the empty handed fighter type classes have never really gotten as much attention in terms of balance changes as others.

On its own, demi-wolf AA is pretty bad. What you could do is something like Monk -> Chaplain -> Druid and use Double Punch instead of the default AA. The problem with that is you’d be giving up Oracle, which is a big deal for PvP Clerics. Not saying it wouldn’t work, just that it won’t be as good as other builds.

Dang I’m already doing Monk - Chaplain - Zealot. Well I mainly wanted druid for the transformation but since I can’t full tranform, I don’t want it. Not my style to use magic. I just love using the fist’s.

Almost no one uses full Lycanthropy transformation. Human transformation buff is strong, although less so, and more than enough to justify Druid.

Thorns by itself can kill people in PvP. Also auto attacking isn’t very strong in general. You can probably make it work, but you’ll have to have very end game gear, otherwise it’s not going to compare to what you’ll be able to do using classes with better AoE capabilities than Monk/Zealot and higher SFRs.

Dam that actually sucks but oh well I rather play things that I enjoy then something I don’t want or I’ll just quit the game. Well tnks everyone for helping me out.

Also quick question is binaito worth putting points into in chaplain, some people say no but yet I see some builds they put points into it.

This is no longer true. This was changed 2-3 weeks ago. Wolf form is now stuck at its 30 second duration with no SP drain.
Another thing that has changed is that Wolf form no longer combines both Matt & Patt. It now just uses whatever damage type you set it to, Matt or Patt (with the attribute).

In terms of strength, Wolf form is now up to par with other classes. In PvE & PVP you pretty much become a juggernaut for 30 seconds. As long as you actually gear your Wolf form towards PvP with a Two-Handed mace, you should be viable. Do note this is niche build. Pair it with Kabba and you never die, unless you lose Ein Sof buff.

This is Wolf forms changes from my notes that we got from KToS:

  • Lycanthropy Wolf form will be changed from doing Physical damage to Magic Damage.
  • The 3% SP consumption will be removed.
  • Crit bonus is now gone.
  • Skill 1: 732% 20% defense ignore (AoE Ratio +3, Cooldown 0)
  • Skill 2: 1535% 30% defense ignore (AoE Ratio +3, Cooldown 5s)
  • Skill 3: 1662% 50% defense ignore (AoE Ratio +7, Cooldown 5s)
  • Skill 4: 18720% 20% defense ignore (AoE Ratio +3, Cooldown 10s)

If Lycan still has its number of hits to the skills and effects:

  • Skill 1 Slash: 732% x 2
  • Skill 2 (Forgot name): 1535% x 2-5(depends on how big enemy is)
  • Skill 3 Wild Breath: 1662% x 5 Has confusion
  • Skill 4 Roar: 18720% x 1 Has stun

Unless it was changed, Double punch shouldnt be able to work with demi-wolf.

Yes, in most cases it should be maxed.

Oh and by the way @MrButtCheeks if you choose to PvP with Chaplain make sure you have at least 1 point in Visible Talent and have the Art attribute for it.
The Art attribute makes this work on all damage you do to enemies. This means that in PvP any actual PvP geared opponent will take significantly more damage from you when Visible Talent is activated. Their block and evasion is basically used against them, and any real PvP geared characters have a ton of Block/Evasion. It is actually fairly strong.

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Really? I didn’t know this. Thanks for the correction.

Hmm…if that’s the case, I might need to dust off my Druid and see how it does. Based on the notes, it seems like a magic build would still be better for when Lycanthropy’s not available (Which isn’t my preference). Maybe something like Kabba -> Exo or Exo -> Oracle.

@megamanex14 What situations should Binaito be max out?

Sorry I should’ve said “all”, but I like to leave wiggle room in case someone sees this in the future and something has changed.

@megamanex14 ahh that makes sense. So something like this?

Sorry I’ve been busy. Everything seems fine.

You should take at least 1 point out of Fade on Cleric and put it into Smite. Smite gives you a 60 second buff on use that increase physical damage by 10%.

People build monk differently depending on what they want out of it so you’re good there.

Chaplain is fine, however Paraclitus Time, I’m not sure its worth just 1 point. If you are planning to use it for the slow in pvp, it’s just better to put more points into it. If you are using it for the knockdown immunity, it’s better to just use a Gazing Golem card.

Other than that, looks fine.

@megamanex14 Is it worth it to max out Double Punch on a non-Chaplain build? I’m running Druid -> Monk -> Oracle and loving it so far with maxed One Inch Punch and God Finger Flick.

Don’t know how I missed that buff on Smite. Clearly I’ve been gone for too long lol.

If you are not going to use AA, then just leave it at 1 point. The reason for at least 1 point is so in the case you wanna use AA to stack the Monk attribute buffs