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Any tips for Monk pvp? and some additonal questions

Hi, I’m new to the game and I just want to play people who use their fist like Monk and the other fist character under the swordsman tree for PVP as well, I also want to play a tank for PVP as well. I love pvping. I do not care whats meta I just want to PVP with the things I love.

Since this is a Monk forum I just want to know what is a good PVP build for the monk, my playstyle is like a bruiserish type but I’m down to hear any build. I also want to know what stats will be nice as well.

I did play the game for a bit but I still am lost…like very lost because I feel like no combination is good enough.

I also have a Swordsman - Peltasta - Murmillo but Idk what should be my last, also i do not know where to put my stat points into…I was thinking con but since i lack dmg so much maybe str? . Also another question, I fought a friend who an earth mage mix with some summing class and when we PVP (same level, same gear) I got completely smoke, I was tickling him, he did 500-888 dmg in skills, while I miss everything because it said he “dodged” and If I do land a skill only 100 dmg occurred. What’s up with that?

@4lkruzeth He can help

Since this is a Monk forum (:crazy_face:), I’ll only answer the questions related to Monk, but before that, what do you mean by “brusier-ish” playstyle? PvP builds are as diverse as they come, but one thing I can say for sure is that Monk is not a tank.

If monks are not meant to be like bruisers or tankish in this game then I’m fine with any dmg buiild for pvp. As long as its good for pvp that is because I look up stuff and I’m hearing things about AA monks, skill monks, energy monks but none of them tells me if its good for pvp or not.

Also following this because I’m considering a Monk / Zealot / Oracle for a possible return to the game. I have questions but I’ll standby to see what gets answered before I jump in.

Not sure what you mean by bruiser, I guess I’ll just tell you what I know.

Monk serves as a DPS class with Knockdown and Silence CC in PvP, mainly with Hand Knife, One Inch Punch and Energy Blast. The class does not really have that DPS burst needed to kill others quick, but it makes up for that with its CC to disable opponents for the kill. With that said, its knockdown and silence CC can be resisted, and both are the main kinds of CC that players in PvP gear towards resisting. Outside of the CC, Monk’s decisive damage is lacking as compared to other classes, and Monk is a melee class in a class tree that isn’t really made for melee at that so it is more tricky to pull off such CC. Due to that, Monk’s usefulness depends on how prepared your opponents are against such CC (basically, not that useful). Monks typically works to disable and cripple opponents so you (and your teammates) can go in for the kill.

With that said, a Monk’s role can change depending on the classes you choose with your build, so your playstyle depends on your build. The Monk class alone lacks “decisive” damage, so depending on the classes you pick with your Monk, you can do more burst damage or go for a CC build as an enabler for your teammates (not healer, haha).

The classic PvE Monk-Inquisitor-Zealot works well in PvP as a burst damage build, going in and taking as many players out with you as you can before you die. Inquisitor and Zealot are two burst DPS classes that can make up for Monk’s lack of decisive DPS, Inquisitor having some interesting PvP tools with wide AoE skills and a Vaivora equipment with it, and Zealot with its Fanaticism Martyr attribute to reset skill cooldowns and resist death for some time. Making use of those bursts and PvP tools, the playstyle is to observe for opportunities (preferably supports or players you feel that doesn’t have much immunity against your CC) for you to go in and deal as much burst damage as possible and hopefully come out alive, or if you get killed, hopefully take out as many players as possible with you before you die. With that said, this build is all in on damage, and does not have much CC mitigation that classes like Oracle and Plague Doctor have, so you have to be careful in not getting CC-ed.

Because of the suicidal playstyle and lack of CC mitigation, players also diversify outside of Monk-Inquisitor-Zealot to trade off damage for some CC mitigation, less suicidal tendencies or better CC skills to cripple opponents. For example, Priest’s Revive is strong in PvP, Krivis’s CC skills are great in the right hands, Druid has always been a stellar class in any build, Oracle as well in PvP with its CC and CC mitigation, Paladin has some interesting skills towards tank/defensive purposes, Chaplain’s Visible Talent Arts is crazy if used right in PvP (IIRC top PvP player in kToS at one point was Inquisitor-Chaplain-Kabbalist), Plague Doctor has CC mitigation and speed boost, Kabbalist’s healing does not scale with Healing power, and so on.

Nothing beats experience though, just hop in to PvP and create your own build that is suited for you.

Well god dam. Thank you for the info, what I meant by bruiser is a character who has tanking proprities but its not as great as a tank and they also have damage properties but not as great as a actual damage dealer. Bruisers are a mix of both but they don’t actually excel a actual tank in tanking and a actual damage dealer in damage. So I might go Monk- Paladin - Chaplain or Inquisitor.

Monk has no tanking capabilities at all (ignore Iron Skin please). In terms of “tanking”, Paladin fits the bill in terms of damage mitigation, while classes like Kabbalist and Plague Doctor do it via out-healing such damage. In my personal opinion, a Monk build should at least have either Zealot or Inquisitor to deal decent damage, so from your choices, I would suggest going Monk-Paladin-Inquisitor if you want some actual damage.

I will say this though, Inquisitor without its Vaivora equipment feels rather lackluster. The general consensus of kToS players (mine included) is that IMC downgraded Inquisitor in order to make Inquisitor’s Vaivora mace a necessity to deal good damage (this becomes a problem in Gemstone Feud Uniform Mode, but that’s for another talk). The mace also has great stats, so try and get that mace as soon as you can, especially if you’re going Inquisitor.

Why ignore Iron Skin? Just curious.

Too much points in a class starved from skill points. With that said, nothing stopping you from experimenting with it, since you are going Paladin. Paladin has Stone Skin (ironically, Stone Skin is better than Iron Skin), you can max and stack both either all in on Physical or Stone Skin on Magic.

I made a skill build, think its okay? I feel like I want to add more points in Energy Blast tho, sounds good in pvp

You are using an outdated skill simulator. IIRC the one over at tos-neet is updated.

For Monk, points are typically going to be stretched on One Inch Punch, God Finger Flick, Energy Blast and Double Punch. Energy Blast is a weak skill that has more use in PvE than in PvP, but if you do want the knockdown, 1 point is enough. Energy Blast also has an ARTS interaction with Double Punch, so you might want to get at least 1 point in Double Punch.

For Paladin, I would recommend maxing Demolition and leaving Sanctuary at 1 point. Your healing as a Physical Cleric is subpar, so I recommend leaving Restoration at 1 point or not adding points in it at all. Resist Elements does not do much at 1 point, so I recommend putting the remaining points in there. If you find Stone Skin being underwhelming at some point, you may want to consider moving those points into Conviction and maxing either that or Resist Elements.

For Inquisitor, Judgement is maxed out at 5 points (doesn’t show since the skill simulator is outdated), leaving you with 5 points. I recommend putting at least 1 point in Iron Maiden, Malleus Maleficarum and Pear of Anguish since you are going to be PvP-ing, remaining points being up to you. Depending on your PvP preferences, you may even take points from God Smash if you don’t have Vaivora or take points from Breaking Wheel if you have Vaivora into Iron Maiden, Pear of Anguish or Malleus Maleficarum.

Thank you. I might have questions later but rn i got to go, you don’t mind if I message you if i have more questions later on regarding the monk?

Sure thing.

you don’t have enough accuracy. Zealot or Krivis in your build can help you overcome evasion with accuracy, and Chaplain offers the ability to ignore block and evasion completely with the Visible Talent arts.

About Monk in PVP: First thing you need for Monk to do PVP is a Varna Skiaclipse set with Rykuma set effect. Without Rykuma set effect you’re pretty much busted because most classes will disable you till the end.
Second is that you need to recognize if an enemy has Rykuma or not in PVP, because Rykuma will disable you from doing anything to them except for damage. If he has Rykuma effect active, it is best to not engage him at all. Another option would be to just stall them with the set effect that reflects physical damage when wearing a shield (Atagal iirc) with mentioned build (Inqui>Monk>Paladin).
Stone Skin and Iron Skin are a must in PVP,otherwise you’re pretty much dead.

You also need to max Sanctuary, it provides you with +50/+55% defense boost for 10 seconds and debuff immunity, so if you also have Golden Bell Shield at 1, that’s 20 seconds of debuff immunity in case your Rykuma runs out or you plan to use Atagal to reflect the enemy to death.

About Restoration, I would take it, because it can recover some of your SP every 3 seconds, meaning you’re less likely to run out even if someone else is trying to deplete it, and since it is one more buff on you, skills that remove buffs are less likely to remove other important buffs.

Question about slotting for Zealot. Are Immolation and Fanatic Illusion even worth the points in PvP? I remember back in the day you really didn’t need to worry about them because Blind Faith could just about one shot people as long as you had enough SPR.

The days of SPR Zealots are long gone with IMC nerfing the scaling of the skill and making SPR not give that much Max SP anymore. In contrast, Immolation and Fanatic Illusion’s skill factors are bumped up a LOT with the recent class balance patch. There’s plenty of points in the Zealot class to get and max everything important.