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Any suggestion for Outlaw builds?

Hello there, I’m currently thinking of making an Outlaw for fun.
Do you have any suggestion for the build & how the class functions?

I suggest to go with pistol classes(Bullet Marker/Sheriff) and neutral (Rangda/Corsair/Linker/Shinobi).

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If you have it at max level with goddes equips for weapon swap. I have a bm outlaw assassin for a devil may cry fun action.

If not, i guess you can choose between a dagger class or a pistol class. Outlaw skills are mostly independent from weapons, cept for 2, you just have to choose which one you’ll pick.

My alternate outlaw build is an enchanter and shinobi, knife outlaw. Can run really faster with the shinobi run attribute and agility buff

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I recommend pistol outlaw build
as out-sher-link (for farming / a bit of bossing)
mostly mobs are cced or u are invis(99.99% eva) all time

can easy grind 1F with low gear but need vvr sheriff for more aoe dmg
(can spam peacemaker-aimimg shot)
or vvr outlaw for another aoe dmg boost

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Yeah, I have Shinobi + Enchanter in my current build and the speed is definitely beneficial. If you boost your stamina up a bit and equip the Botanical accessory set, Bounty Hunts = D Rank Mission.