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Any news for Tree of Savior PS4/XB1/Switch?

Since Path of Exile, and TERA have already entered console ‘huge’ markets while other MMOrpgs coming along the way like Bless Online(coming to xb1 first) and Black Desert Online(alrdy on xb1)

I’m highly curious if IMC have any plan about porting it to console audiences? Or making revamped version?

Note: I hope we can have friendly and informative discussion about this.

I think they’re struggling to keep the PC version afloat.


They still developing android version afaik.

My honest opinion this game will get ruined on mobile version! Every mobile mmorpg gets messed up, the whole click your quest auto walk auto fight bs destroys mmorpg! But console version will increase its popularity! And raise the community up massively!

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FYI, bot is easier on console.
So find another game to play rather than expect it arrive on console.